By:  Corey Howard, MD, FACP

The thought that the Healthcare system will actually deliver Health may not really be true. Our current system is disease based. That is how doctors are trained, that is how the insurance companies pay and how the government views it. Health is looked at in terms of the absence of disease and not in its prevention. Just think about it, do you say “I feel great, maybe I should go see the doctor today,” or do you say “I am feeling sick today and I need to go see the doctor”? My guess is that you say “I am feeling sick…” That kind of decision making process is engrained into our brains from childhood. It is always the sick child that gets all of the attention. “Oh honey, you are not feeling well today, let me get you a blanket, food, give you more love” and so on. Why not support the times when you are making great health choices instead. Say “oh honey, I am so proud that you walked 5 miles today, ate your greens and made healthy choices.” Maybe we say that sometimes, but the reality is that we tend to focus on the sick side of things. Your thoughts drive everything and you will tend to see what you focus on. Let’s begin to focus on health.

I believe that we need to think, live and breathe healthy thoughts and behaviors. By doing this we will begin to live better. That can begin today. It must start with you. Here is a situation you may be familiar with. Many people save for their retirement (maybe not enough people). Why do they do this? Essentially, so they can have money to live on when they are not working anymore. Perhaps, they save money so they can travel, move to the mountains, or just sit on a beach. It would be difficult to do any of those things if you didn’t save. Correct? I am a big fan of saving but I am equally a fan of living. It is important to build life into your life while you are living too. How many people are “saving” for their health? In health terms, are you eating well, exercising, sleeping, recognizing stress and looking out for obvious environmental toxins that can affect your health? The answer would be NO or very little for many because you are too busy. NEWSFLASH. Everyone is busy. Thomas Edison was busy. Ben Franklin was busy. Do you think George Washington was busy? The first thing to do is set goals.

Goal setting is of paramount importance with regards to your health. Be specific and have compelling reasons why you want to achieve those goals. With your goals you need a plan. Here is where the pillars of your lifestyle behaviors are important. Each day set aside time (a little at first) to work toward your goal. For example: “I want to walk 3 miles a day”. That goal could take 45 minutes to an hour. What if you don’t have that time? Break it up or chunk it. This means you break up the goal into smaller, more manageable parts. You still reach the goal. Some people are all or none. That is dangerous because it may cause you to not reach any of your goals. You can always find a reason not to reach them. You need to help yourself and you can always ask for help. Steve Jobs once said “nobody says no when you ask”.

Once you set your goals and you create a plan take the kind of actions necessary to complete them. Life is more like a marathon than it is a sprint and the actual good part of life is what it takes to get to the race rather than the finish line itself. We all cross that finish line at some point, that’s inevitable. How well we live, well, that’s what is important. If you want to be healthy, begin to think about health in terms of what you do, how you think and how you feel. Look at your nutrition, are you eating vegetables? Are you focusing on calories or the nutrients in the foods you eat? Are you actually hungry or bored? Exercise. Can you spare 10 minutes, 20 minutes or more? Maybe you start with just standing up from your chair and moving a bit. Next, sleep. Are you tired when you wake up? If so, why? Are you not sleeping enough or do you have sleep interruptions? How about your stress level? Are you over stressed? If so, this can play a major role in how you feel. It can also be a sign of Adrenal Fatigue. Finally, are you mindful of environmental toxins? Are you using chemicals in your dry cleaning, using pesticides around the house, reheating plastics and so on. There are many more to discuss and some of them are not so obvious.

The adrenal glands are two small glands that sit on top of your kidneys and they make over 50 different hormones. They are involved in energy production, fat storage, fluid and salt balance and sex hormone production. Some of the common symptoms include chronic illness, decreased energy and fatigue, burnout at work and inability to lose weight. You may crave salty and fatty foods but they typically do not make you feel better. The treatments are lifestyle and nutrition related. If you have any of these symptoms (there are many more symptoms) then you may have adrenal fatigue and should seek out medical advice from a professional trained to treat this type of problem.

You see, HEALTH really does begin with you. Be proactive in caring for yourself because it is the only “self” you are going to get. Enjoy each moment in life they are precious. Remember, “healthy habits lead to a better life™”. Until next time.

Dr. Corey
Dr. Corey Howard, is a fellowship trained gastroenterologist, board certified in internal medicine, anti-aging, functional and regenerative medicine. He has done additional training and obtained professional certification in Plant Based cooking. His practice is in Naples and focuses on helping people optimize their health. He has expertise in preventing and reversing many issues that affect us. He has a special interest in a healthy gut, adrenal fatigue, and hormone therapies. His practice is for those looking for optimal wellness. He has regular free seminars outlining his philosophy. His next seminar is October 23, 2015 at 6:00pm at Physicians Life Centers. Seating is limited so register today.

Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 6:00 PM
Live Better NOW
Physicians Life Centers, Naples, Florida

Dr Corey will discuss how our lifestyle
behaviors affect health. He will stress the importance of nutrition, fitness, sleep, stres and how our environment plays a role.

“The decisions we make guide our behaviors. Moving in a forward direction is empowering and can help you live better right now.”

Plan on attending this highly energetic,
informative and inspiring seminar.

Seating is limited. Reserve your spot today.

Friday, October 23, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (EDT) – Add to Calendar
Physicians Life Centers – 1048 Goodlette Road. Suite 101 (blue building in South East Corner). Naples, Florida 34102

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