Healing Injuries With The Integrative Approach

Combining Nutrition, Exercise and Regenerative Medicine to Help You Heal!

Dr. Sebastian Klisiewicz, D.O.

Injuries and the resulting chronic pain are unfortunate but common. Often, after an injury, the body is able to heal. At times, adequate healing does not occur, leading to chronic pain and functional impairments. In times like these, the body may need a little help. Commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory and pain medications do not help the healing process and neither do steroid injections. These treatments have unwanted side effects and can actually impair the healing process. Luckily, there are many natural ways to help the body heal. Proper nutrition and exercise are the foundation, while Regenerative Medicine injections are the most effective way to stimulate the healing response.

Healing from an injury requires adequate nutrients to support the immune system. A healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and quality proteins is essential. At times, support from high quality nutritional supplements may also be necessary. Adequate protein is needed to form the building blocks for repair. Muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones are all held together by collagen fibers. Collagen is mostly composed of protein. When the body is healing and rebuilding collagen, protein requirements increase. Unfortunately, protein malnutrition is common even in our modern society.

Most people don’t lack in the amount of their carbohydrate intake, but many lack in the quality of their carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates such as vegetables and fruits are best at maintaining a steady blood sugar level and providing the vitamins and minerals needed for healing. Simple carbs such as breads, cookies and sodas can spike blood sugar levels; this has a negative effect on the immune system and the body’s ability to heal. People with chronically elevated blood sugars often have poor wound healing and impaired recovery from surgeries and injuries.

Micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals are also necessary for healing. For example, Vitamin C is needed for proper collagen production and immune system function. The recommended daily amount is about 100mg per day, but when the body is healing from trauma, injury or surgery, the daily requirement may increase to 2000mg. When vitamin C is deficient, healing of wounds, tendons and bones is impaired and delayed. An array of nutrients such as the B vitamins, vitamin A, magnesium and zinc are all needed in adequate amounts to support proper healing as well.

Proper exercise is also supportive to the healing process and its best when supervised by a licensed physical therapist. Strength training will build muscles around the joints and spine providing protection while flexibility exercises will improve range of motion and blood flow to the area. Gentle mechanical loading of the injured tissue with supervised exercise is also necessary for healing. This stimulates cells to release growth factors and lay down new connective tissue such as bone, tendon and muscle. Without tissue loading, the cells are not activated and the healing may be delayed. On the other hand, excessive loading can damage the tissue and inhibit the healing process.

Exercise also stimulates the body to increase the release of stem cells. Large amount of stem cells are found within the bone marrow, especially in the pelvis. When stimulated, these cells leave the bone marrow and cruise the body looking for areas to heal. At the injury site, they release growth factors and orchestrate the healing process. They can also transform into specific bone, cartilage or muscle cells and do the actual work of tissue rebuilding. A bout of intense exercise significantly increases circulating stem cells, this effect occurs within minutes and can last about 24 hours.

Regenerative Medicine Injections such as Platelet Rich Plasma (aka PRP) and Bone Marrow Stem Cells are the best way to stimulate the healing process. They are like a gift from oneself to heal oneself. PRP is prepared by processing one’s blood in a centrifuge in order to concentrate the platelets. Platelets are packed with growth factors, and when injected into the injured area, they kick start the healing process. Bone marrow stem cells are derived from the bone marrow of the pelvis, the best source of live stem cells. On the other hand, research at Cornell University has shown that most of the “bought stem cells” on the market are actually dead cells. Once the Bone Marrow Stem Cells are injected into the injured or degenerated tissue, they orchestrate the healing response and release an array of growth factors for months.

Regenerative Medicine procedures work best when combined with good nutrition and physical therapy. At Integrative Rehab Medicine, we offer advanced Regenerative Medicine combined with the integrative approach. All our procedures are done with ultrasound guidance and performed only by a highly trained medical professional. Our team of clinicians, physical therapists, nurses and dietician work together to optimize each patient’s healing potential to help them regain function and improve their quality of life.

Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. Sebastian is a leading physiatrist in Estero, Fort Myers and Bonita Springs (Southwest Florida). He is the founder and medical director of Integrative Rehab Medicine in Estero, FL. He combines his extensive knowledge in Regenerative Medicine, Osteopathic musculoskeletal medicine, Physical Rehabilitation and Functional & Natural medicine to create personalized and integrated treatment plans for each patient.

Dr. Sebastian completed his medical studies at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (CCOM) followed by a residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. After residency, he worked as an Assistant Professor for Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago. In 2014, he moved his family to Southwest Florida to work at Lee Health’s Spine Center. In August 2019, Dr. Sebastian opened his private clinic, Integrative Rehab Medicine. Dr. Sebastian has extensive training in prolotherapy, PRP injections and Bone Marrow Stem Cells. During his time in Florida, he further advanced his knowledge in Integrative Medicine through course work with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Since, he has educated doctors and the public on the Integrative approach at numerous medical conferences and community events.

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