Are Your Headaches Related To Your Bite?

By Richard A. Stanley, DMD, President

It has taken tsunamis of epic proportions for people to realize what scientists have known for years: The destructive forces of nature can be unpredictable and catastrophic. Dentistry has its own tsunami, and it is called Occlusion. Better known as the “bite,” occlusion is the way the teeth come together like gears and the way the lower jaw is supported by a sling of muscles of the head and neck. Everyday, millions of people have head and neck pain, migraines, loss of teeth, and depression as a result of an untenable bite.

Most of us are aware that when a muscle is overworked it becomes sore as a result of the buildup of lactic acid. We can get sore muscles from working out, long term postural problems, cramps, spasms … oh, and bad bites. When muscles are overworked due to bite problems, sore muscles and aggravated nerves lead to headaches, neck aches, migraines, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) deterioration, pain, ringing in the ears, facial pain, jaw popping and/or locking, worn or broken teeth, and a number of other symptoms. It is believed that 60-80% of headaches are bite and teeth related. This pain can be mild or severe to the point of changing people’s lives.

Head and neck pain and migraines lead to poor sleep, poor health, decreased work performance, failed relationships, and general depression. Many of the symptoms of chronic fatigue, stress, sinus problems, neck and back problems are actually misdiagnosed bite, muscle, nerve, and jaw issues and can be treated almost immediately to provide relief to people who have had pain for years.

Changing people’s lives is not just about giving them a pretty, healthy smile. Those who have suffered from headaches long term have many times seen dozens of doctors over the years with endless prescriptions and treatments resulting in very little relief as well as minimal understanding or education on their condition.  With dental-medical treatment focused on their “bite” and the teeth, muscles, nerves, airways, and joints involved with it, many aspects of their lives will dramatically improve when you give them pain relief.  These patients frequently express how thankful they are to finally have someone explain their condition in a way that makes sense in addition to improving the “root” of the causes, not just the symptoms.

People with these bite problems often have difficulties with snoring and sleep apnea resulting in less than one hour of actual restful sleep per night. In sleep studies of snoring children, they have been known to wake up as many as 200 times per hour. Sleep deprivation is one of the easiest ways to lower someone’s work performance and task effectiveness as well as it is a major contributor to ADHD/ADD. It is very difficult to pay attention and perform at your very best when you are completely exhausted.  People who have lived this way for years show severe signs of depression, anxiety, eating disorders with weight loss or gain, grumpiness, short tempers, hostility, difficulty with relationships, and fatigue.

Dentists who are trained to treat these bite and airway issues as well as general, cosmetic, implant, and reconstructive dentistry are uniquely qualified. These dentists use specialized equipment and techniques to develop a bite that can tremendously improve the problems all while creating a beautiful, healthy smile to last a lifetime.

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Dr. Richard A. Stanley is the founder and owner of The Smile Centre and has been serving our local community for the past 25 years.  Providing five-star comprehensive dental care is what Dr. Stanley has dedicated his entire life to accomplishing and he has transferred that mission to The Smile Centre Team!  Quality dental treatment and caring service is what you will receive from each member of your wonderful Smile Centre Team!

Dr. Stanley earned a B.S. degree in Biology from Florida State University and graduated from the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry in 1986.  He entered private practice that same year.  Dr. Stanley continued his dental studies at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dentistry as well as the Misch International Implant Institute and continues to take a rigorous schedule of continuing education courses. Dr. Stanley is also a contributor on Real Self. Dr. Stanley is credentialed with well over 2000 hours of post-doctorate continuing education and years of experience in the following: All-Inclusive General Dentistry, Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, Advanced Reconstructive Dentistry, Endodontics, Dental Implants, Sedation Dentistry, Bone Grafting, Wisdom Teeth Removal, TMJ and Craniofacial Pain, Orthodontics, including Invisalign®, Occlusion Dentistry, Neuromuscular Dentistry, Periodontal Flap Surgery, Guided Tissue Regeneration, Gum Grafting, Gum Recontouring, Snoring, Airway Obstruction & Sleep Apnea Dentistry, Botox® and Juvederm® Placement.

In his leisure time, Dr. Stanley enjoys spending time with his wife, Tricia, and his step-daughter, Jordan.  They all enjoy participating in Hwa Rang Do, a Korean martial art and Special Ops Leadership Academy. Dr. Stanley also enjoys weight-lifting, biking, outdoor adventuring, reading, and singing. Dr. Stanley has an engaging personality and loves to be around people.  You can see him out and about all over our community.

Misch International Implant Institute—-Implants/
Bone Grafting Oral Surgery
American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
Rondeau Orthodontic Institute
Las Vegas Institute (LVI) for Advanced Dental Studies – LVI Preferred Dentist
University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical School (IV Sedation Residency)
Align Technologies – named Invisalign® Preferred Provider in recognition of his many hours of advanced training and experience

American Dental Association (ADA)
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)
Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)
American Academy of Craniofacial Pain (AACFP)
International Association of Orthodontics (IAO)
Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation (DOCS)
Florida Dental Association (FDA)
West Coast Dental Association
Sarasota County Dental Association

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