Is Your Head on Straight? Upper Cervical Care helps local woman that has been suffering with chronic neck stiffness & vertigo

By Drs. Drew and Kanema Clark –

Is Your Head on Straight“I’ve been going to chiropractors for many years and tried many other avenues, however I have always had the same problem,” says Bunny Belden.  Constant problems with her neck accompanied by vertigo (dizziness) left her frustrated and searching for answers.  Prior to staring care at Arc of Life Family Spinal Care she remembers thinking, “even though I have never heard of Upper Cervical care before, I’ve had this problem for so long that I am willing to try anything”.  On Bunny’s first visit to our office we were able to determine that both of the top two bones in her neck where misaligned, greatly contributing to the symptoms that she was experiencing.  We took specific three dimensional upper cervical specific films to determine the nature of her unique misalignment and invited Bunny to return for her report of our findings.  After showing Bunny the exact measurements of her misalignment and explaining that our procedure required not twisting of her neck, she decided to receive her first Upper Cervical Adjustment.

Upper Cervical Care
March is Upper Cervical Awareness month therefore it’s only fitting that we share with you the philosophy behind what we do.  Chiropractic is a philosophy, science and art of all things natural as it pertains to healing and nerve system function.  Upper Chiropractors focus on the intimate relationship between the first two bones in the neck and a vital portion of the nerve system called the brain-stem.  The interrelationship between these structures is absolutely essential to the body’s ability to promote and restore health.  Science tells us that the brainstem acts as a switchboard operator between the brain and body, relaying nerve signals to every cell, tissue and organ system via the spinal cord and nerves.  A misalignment here will disrupt brain to body communication and if not corrected lead to the loss of body function and healing potential! Upper Cervical misalignments are caused by stress to the body, which includes but is not limited to car accidents, falls, sports, poor posture, excessive emotional or chemical stress, or even birth traumas.  Upper Cervical Chiropractors take great care in determining where a misalignment is in the spine and then corrects the misalignment with a precise adjustment.  This serves to remove nerve system interference and allows the body to return to a state of health.

Relief from a Simple Concept
For Bunny, relief came only three visits into her care, but it was not because we were treating her Vertigo or neck discomfort.  “I feel straighter and I’ve noticed that I’m not hugging the walls and holding on to things for fear of falling over.” She began experiencing relief because her head was now on straight and her body was beginning to function better. Everything that happens in our body, from heart rate to the immune system, is dependent on how well our nerve system is functioning.  The nerve system, comprised of the brain, brain-stem, spinal cord, and nerves is collectively coined the master control network in the body.  It is directly responsible for how well we our bodies function, adapt to its environment and heal.  This makes the nerve system or master control network the foundational component to achieving true health.

“The wisdom of the body is responsible for 90% of the hope of patients to recover. The body has a super wisdom that is in favor of life, rather than death. This is the power that we depend on for life. All doctors are responsible for letting their patients know of this great force working within them.”
~ Dr. Richard Cabot, Harvard Medical School

Can you help me
YES!  Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care can help anyone – newborns to seniors, “sick or “healthy”.  Everyone benefits from proper brain to body communication.  If we find an upper cervical misalignment disrupting the performance of your nerve system, we can help you!  Remember a body free of nerve system interference is free to express its innate wisdom fully and therefore will function and heal at 100%.

See if you have a misalignment of one of the top 2 bones in your neck that is keeping you from living the “healthy”
life you’ve always dreamed of.

People of all ages have experienced great results through the Upper Cervical Methods which are available at Arc of Life Family Spinal Care.  In addition to overall improvement in their general health people under regular upper cervical care have experienced help with:
• Back & Neck Pain
• Numbness & Tingling
• Fibromyalgia
• Migraines
• Menieres Disease
• Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
• Reproductive Issues
• Seizure Disorders
• Trigeminal Neuralgia
• TMJ problems
And many more…


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