So You Have Made it to the Gym, I Commend You For that. So Here’s A Very Important Tip. I Term It, Making The Negative into A Positive. (The “Cadre” Method)

By Jack Di Giacomo Sr. (A.K.A.) 6-Pack Jack

So You Have Made it to the Gym, I Commend You For that. So Here’s A Very Important TipI am in the gym many times per week, I Witness This, All The Time, With and Without  a Partner or even Worse, their Personal Trainers, Giving Support of, It’s ALL You, It’s ALL YOU, or ONE More Rep.

The Power of the Down Rep
As life takes us down the path of experiences, we all learn that almost all things have a beginning and an end. And just like our workout agenda, from the bench press to the Squat. So, let’s get to it. As we apply maximum effort, we either push or pull to move the bar, dumbbells, or grips of the equipment. To make my point as clear as possible let’s talk about the Bench press. As we position our bodies under the barbell, we have the bar with the already loaded plates (That depend on our preserved ability ie. 20lbs to 220lbs).We Grip the barbell, move it off the hook catches, and bring the barbell downward to our Chest area(the starting point) We Envision moving the barbell,smoothly upward towards the ceiling (which is the positive action). But now, a very important issue arises. So PLEASE, listen carefully because this is the crucial point that will take you higher and closer to your ultimate goal. Make the barbell freeze at the top of the push (here it is). After the pause, slowly let the barbell descend just as slow as you pushed it upward. Now, as it slowly descends to your chest, control the bar so that it stops approximately one inch from your chest. Hold that position for the same duration time wise as you held it at the top position. Yes, this method of bench pressing is more time consuming and these sets will slow you down. But, the rewards will be evident quickly. This style of Preforming the movements regarding  the speed of the entire Rep, will greatly increase the isometric value of the movement And will have the muscle tissue engaged LONGER, and therefore should display size and growth much Faster than having the barbell descend quickly That sometimes it may actually bounce off the chest plate. The key and most critical factor in lifting The Cadre Prescribed Style, is slow even speed downward is as important, if not more so than upward (or The Positive) movement.

So if you have watched the N.F.L. Football Combines on National T.V. Please Consider, WE are NOT in our early 20’s (sorry to say), And please don’t bounce the bar off your chest to get a quicker start upward!=

One Clean “Cadre” Rep = 3.5 Billy Bob Reps

Have A Great Workout, and may the Spirit of the Cadre lead you to Your Greatest Accomplishments.

Best Always,
6 Pack Jack


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