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RECOVERY FROM STROKEStroke is like a tornado! Out of nowhere sud- denly you, your spouse, partner, parent, a dear friend or surprisingly a youth in your mist has been felled by a stroke. The number one long term disabling disease!

Don’t despair! I am available to help you.

A new book – Stroke Victor, How to Go from Stroke Victim to Stroke Victor

“This marvelous self help book is likely to save or extend a lot of lives.” Florida Weekly 6/16/2015

The book contains the many game-changing lessons and coping strategies that I have learned by trial and error over the past nineteen years since suffering a massive stroke. Within the book are little known techniques I’ve used, the latest innovative therapies and a mind-body mentality I adopted to maximize my stroke recovery. And so can you!

This is a practical book, covering such post-stroke subjects as diet, fitness, travel and yes, sex. Caregivers – they play an important role in your recovery but they also need to be at their best. Stroke Victor will help your caregivers find a way to maintain a life of their own while providing support to their loved ones.

The book guides you from my early days as a paralyzed, hiccupping, incontinent, and aphasic stroke survivor living in a Connecticut nursing home to exciting travels to Australia and New Zealand. And now to a new career assisting others improve their stroke recoveries.

The book is available on,, at and in my office.

“Mandell brings a new and refreshing focus on recovery after a stroke. He shows how he was able to take control of his recovery after a devastating stroke and mixes humor, determination and a positive attitude in this inspiring book.”
Dr. Justin C. McArthur, Director
Department of Neurology,
Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine

STROKE RECOVERY COACHING – A new service whose time has come!

If you want help improving your fitness, you go to a Personal Trainer. If you want help improving your stroke recovery, you work with a Stroke Recovery Coach!

Frustrated, depressed and in an abyss? You’ve been released from the hospital and insured therapy has ended but you still have a long way to go. Now what? You want answers, suggestions, ideas, where to turn, what to do!

I have “walked the walk” that you are walking. And now, I am sharing our experiences and knowledge to assist others.

“I am so glad that Bob has now chosen to share his experiences with the public.” Irene Hujsa, PT

Can I be helpful? A supportive ear! Just perhaps speaking with me might make you feel a bit better, more confident and just maybe from our experiences I can offer a suggestion, even a tip or two to make your life even a tiny bit easier.

I am offering a no obligation 20 minute call as a way for us to begin to know each other. Find out more at

Writing my book, I realized that stroke is a profoundly underserved, and an orphan disease.

Adapt a one step-at-a-time mentality!
My most important strategy to avoid depression!
Make it a game!
Each day try to beat yesterday’s self.
Stay in today’s moment!
Not yesterday – not tomorrow.
Forget the should have’s and would have’s!
They are history and therefore not actionable!
Temporarily suspend your disbelief and hopelessness and then take action.
The rest shall follow!
Forget Mr. Grinch! SMILE!!
You will feel better as will those around you, and, very important – so will those who are helping you recover.
Be more caring with yourself!
Adapt a mental attitude where lifestyle considerations are important – improved fitness, a healthy diet and good sleeping habits.

The Foundation’s mission is to improve post-stroke lifestyles by utilizing a range of therapeutic modalities like that which are described in my book. Additionally, the Foundation is addressing the underfunding of rehabilitation research, developing media campaigns which seek to increase stroke awareness and by supporting the Stroke Recovery Fund which supports stroke rehabilitation therapy for people without the means to pay themselves and who have hit their insurance caps.

The Stroke Research Foundation is a Florida 501c3 charitable organization under IRS regulations.
Find out more at

Bob Mandell -Author
-Chairman, Stroke Research Foundation
-Brain Injury Peer Visitor, NCH
-Stroke Patient and Caregiver Coach
(m) 239 249-9575 (o) 239-254-8266
5621 Strand Blvd – Suite 109, Naples, FL 34110

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