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Giving Back Tied to Longevity & Other Health Benefits

By Amy Hilliard

Giving Back Tied to Longevity & Other Health BenefitsAs 2016 winds to a close, we’ll be busy with holiday parties, sending Christmas cards and buying presents for loved ones. It’s important, however, to remember the spirit of the holidays. It’s a great time to be of service to those in need and give of our time and talents.

Research shows that in addition to volunteers providing a wealth of manpower to nonprofits and other organizations, those delivering these services also reap a host of health benefits. Volunteers report reduced stress, anger and anxiety. Studies also show that those who give back have a lower mortality than those who do not. Older volunteers, especially, are less likely to develop high blood pressure and were found to have a more positive outlook on life.

At The Carlisle Naples, an active retirement community, residents find they now have more time to pursue new interests and hobbies, including volunteering. Whether serving on our Welcoming Committee, meeting and greeting new residents; being part of our Resident Council and serving as a liaison between residents and management; or volunteering in the community at large, residents credit The Carlisle’s carefree lifestyle with providing them the freedom to spend each day as they wish.

Below are a few ways you too can give back this holiday season and throughout the upcoming year:

Share Your Expertise
Were you a former chairman or an accountant? Why not share your breadth of knowledge with entrepreneurs as they try to avoid the pitfalls of small business ownership? Organizations such as SCORE provide confidential business mentoring services and host workshops to help small business owners achieve success. Retired executives and CEOs are always welcomed.

Become a Foster Grandparent
With families living further apart than previous generations, it’s not unusual for young adults to see their grandparents infrequently. Becoming a foster grandparent can be a rewarding experience for young and old alike. Intergenerational activities help bridge the gap between older adults and teenagers and shatter misconceptions about aging.

Tap into Your Hobbies
Seniors who enjoy knitting or crocheting will find their crafts can be enjoyed by more than just family and friends. From hospitals to oncology departments, there are many organizations that can make use of baby hats and lap blankets.

Support a Cause
Post-retirement is the perfect time to champion a cause which may be near and dear to one’s heart. Homelessness, education, women’s equality and accessibility to health care are just a few of the areas in which older adults can lend their voice. A simple internet search will be able to locate a charity that addresses each respective issue. From making telephone calls to writing letters of support, there is a task for everyone looking to get involved.

Look Around – Opportunities Abound
Cuddling a premature baby in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), walking a dog at an animal shelter or greeting guests at a museum are just a few of the numerous tasks performed by volunteers across the country. Organizations such as Senior Corps and AARP are wonderful resources for matching older adults’ talents and interests with noteworthy charities in need of assistance.
“At The Carlisle, residents have more time and opportunity to be of service,” said Executive Director Frank White. “From being involved with the younger generation through the community’s ongoing partnership with Sabal Palm Elementary School to leading fitness classes for neighbors—residents are proving that you’re never too old to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Located at 6945 Carlisle Court in Naples, The Carlisle offers spacious one-and two-bedroom residences including lifetime care and maintenance, weekly housekeeping and flat linen services, basic cable TV, all utilities except telephone, and a complimentary full breakfast plus choice of lunch or dinner in the community’s gourmet-style restaurant.

For more information about the community, please call 239-221-0017 or visit

The Carlisle Luxury Rental Retirement Living
6945 Carlisle Court, Naples, FL  34109
239-221-0017 .

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