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Get Back Out There and Compete!

By John Waltz, MPT –

Get Back Out There and CompeteAt Request Physical Therapy, we have solutions for all levels of sports injuries, from painful knees to torn rotator cuffs. With comprehensive programs to satisfy every sports recovery need, our sports medicine experts know what it takes to get the experienced athlete and the weekend warrior back on the field or in the game.

From analysis of body mechanics to conditioning and strengthening programs, we help injured athletes get back to the activities they love quickly and safely. If you are a competitive athlete, we have intensive training programs to help you excel in your sport while reducing your risk of injury. In fact, our staff has  experience working with professional and collegiate-level athletic teams. Although we treat many competitive athletes, our therapists realize that not everyone is a seasoned athlete. If you enjoy a physical activity – speed walking, golf, bowling, running – you are an athlete and if you are unable to participate due to injury, muscle imbalance, poor kinematics, or lack of strength our therapist and trainers can help you achieve adequate fitness levels to get you out there and going. Request is the physical therapy department of choice when recovery and athletic performance matters most.

Sports Physical Therapy is a specialized practice that focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement of the physically active individual. When successfully treating individuals, we take the following into consideration:

Each of our therapists is highly skilled in evaluating active and chronic injuries. A hallmark of this practice is the assessment of surgical and non-surgical neuromusculoskeletal injuries. Included in this is the functional assessment of the individual post-injury to assist in a safe return to activity.

Treatment & Rehabilitation
Treatment and rehabilitation of injuries is at the center of sports physical therapy practice. In a team approach with the athlete and physicians, the sports physical therapist designs and implements programs for the management of injuries. The Request Physical Therapy team of therapists has extensive experience treating clients of all ages and physical abilities, including those with physical disabilities as well as elite athletes.

 Performance Enhancement
Sports physical therapists assist physically active individuals to improve their performance in a variety of ways. The foundation of performance enhancement is provided by a thorough evaluation of the neuromusculoskeletal and the cardiovascular-pulmonary systems. The results of this evaluation are compiled to outline strengths and weaknesses in an individual’s physical profile. This profile can then be matched to the individual’s specific physical activity. Areas of deficiency in, movement, biomechanics, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and in the aerobic/anaerobic systems can be outlined in a specific training regime. Follow-up evaluations can determine further training program requirements and changes.

Education & Prevention
Education of athletes and their parents and coaches about the various preventative and management techniques previously discussed is a service that Request therapists feel is imperative.

The practice of sports medicine includes interventions that assist physically active individuals in preventing injuries and then, if an injury occurs, continuing their pursuits with minimal disruptions. Areas of this practice include pre-participation screening, equipment recommendations, and cardiovascular fitness programs designed to assist in a safe and unremarkable return to activity.

Each and every physical therapist at Request is an athlete, participating in various physical activities – running, yoga, swimming, Pilates, Ti Chi, cycling, recreational sports, aerobic and cardiovascular fitness – we practice what we preach and know the benefits of staying physically able to remain active. When injuries do occur, our therapists understand that proper rehabilitation is vital to your successful return to the activity you enjoy. Rehabilitation often requires a hands-on approach and our massage therapist is trained in relieving many aches and pains that keep athletes sitting on the sidelines. Our skilled and experienced staff is available to help successfully coach individuals through injuries and get them back in the game as soon as possible. Our running guru has extensive training and experience evaluating and treating all types of running injuries. He can also make adjustments to have you running in perfect form before you know it. At your service is also a Personal Trainer who is certified in strength training for those who would like to begin an activity to those experienced athletes who want to take their play to the next level.

Make Request your first and final stop in your physical activity journey. Stop in or call to discuss how we can help get you moving and performing to the best of your ability. Don’t waste another day sitting around daydreaming of how great it would be to be playing…come in and get moving today!

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