Welcome to G.I. Associates of S.W.Florida

Welcome to G.I. Associates of S.W.FloridaWe are writing this article so you can get to know our practice a little better!

The physicians and staff of Gastroenterology Associates have been providing services to S.W. Florida since 1990.  It is our goal to continue to bring to our community quality healthcare, specifically as it relates to your digestive system, in a comfortable and pleasant environment, that is convenient  for  ‘you’  our patients.

We not only have a commitment to our patients, but we also have a commitment to our referring physicians. We work closely with them to provide thorough and timely communications allowing for complete continuity of your healthcare needs.

At  G.I. Associates  we evaluate and treat digestive disorders of the intestinal tract.  This includes: Colonoscopy, Esophageal or Swallowing problems, Liver and Pancreatic disorders. Also, everyday problems, such as Gas, Bloating, Anemia, IBS, Hepatitis and many other digestive issues.

Our Barkely Surgicenter is located immediately adjacent to our clinical practice. Our outpatient center allows us to perform endoscopy procedures in a state of the art setting, with highly skilled and trained clinical endoscopy staff, while maintaining a convenient, compassionate and warm setting.  Barkley Surgicenter is recognized and accredited by JACHO.

Our website www.giaswfl.com provides easy access through our ‘Patient Portal’. You can take a quick look to learn about each physician, with pictures and background information.

You may be interested to know that several of our physicians have received ‘Top Doctor’ and ‘Top Gastroenterologist’ awards, nominated by patients and peers!

We are in the process of building a new up-to-date office in Cape Coral. This facility will enable us to extend the same comforts to our valued customers in Cape Coral.

Fort Myers Office
4790 Barkley Circle, Building A
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Barkley Surgicenter
63 Barkley, Suite 104
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Cape Coral Office
1425 Viscaya Parkway, Suite 101
Cape Coral, FL 33990


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