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Full Body Healing Using the Amazing Power of Crystals

Full Body Healing Using the Amazing Power of CrystalsCrystals are an amazing healing tool. Each type and shape of crystal has an unique vibration that is able to influence the energy around it. Since the human body has many layers of vibrational fields around it, the crystals are able to positively affect our aura, our etheric energy, our chakras, and our physical body.

During a crystal healing, a variety of different healing crystals are placed on specific locations on the body. This healing is extremely powerful, yet profoundly relaxing. Some people are very aware of the vibration and healing taking place, other people just relax and fall asleep while the healing occurs.

This powerful healing is effective for a variety of issues, including:
• Cleansing the Aura
• Balancing the Chakras
• Healing Old Emotional Wounds
• Assisting in Breaking Cycles of Negative Thinking and Mental Patterns
• Healing the Physical Body
• Stimulating the Immune System
• Healing Internal Organ Disorders
• Helping with Space Reversal Disorders – People with this issue may have either split personalities, have difficulty telling the right from left, and/or may lose things frequently.
• Helping with Time Enhancement – This is good for people that are always running late. It helps you to get more done in the time you have available. Good for those that always feel shortage of time.
• Assisting in Achieving a Pure Mind – This helps you to connect better with source, your higher self, and your guides.
• Increasing Creational Energy and Force – This assists in manifesting your wants and desires into your life.
• Empowerment – This assists you in getting in touch with your own personal power.

At Acupuncture & Natural Health Solutions, we offer this amazing healing technique. The normal charge for this service is $85, but only for the month of July 2019, we are offering this powerful healing for only $50. Many people enjoy a combination treatment of acupuncture and a crystal healing. The crystals enhance the power of the acupuncture treatment. Call our office, 239-260-4566 or schedule online at so you can experience the profound relaxation and healing effect of a crystal healing.

Call our office, 239-260-4566
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