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Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy and Balance Center – New Clinic – New Therapies

1. Are you searching for answers to your health problems?
2. Have you tried everything to reduce pain?
3. Are you getting weaker?
4. Are you worried about falls and safety at home?
5. Are you wondering what exercises you could do at home?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then FREEDOM REHAB AQUATIC THERAPY AND BALANCE CENTER has some simple solutions that will allow you to stay healthy and safe while you adjust to your new stay at home reality.

What is Aquatic Therapy?
Aquatic therapy is a beneficial exercise and rehabilitative program performed in a pool, and can help various medical conditions by reducing pain, improving balance and increasing strength and range of motion.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy
1. Water reduces weight bearing on your joints and spine making exercise pain free and enjoyable.
2. Our talented staff are skilled, licensed therapists that will focus your total body exercise program to reduce your pain
3. Our aquatic therapy program will improve your endurance, muscle strength and balance

Back Pain
We at Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy AND BALANCE CENTER, believe the water’s properties are perfectly suited to treat back pain. When you are in chest deep water you are only 20% weightbearing on your spine. This makes exercising your back muscles pain free and enjoyable. We target the core heavily in our deep water segment of our program while the patient is wearing a floatation belt and holding dumbbells . If needed a gentle spinal traction can be applied thus decreasing the pressure between the vertebrae often present in the spine.

Balance Program in the Water
We believe strongly in the benefits of addressing balance in the water. When performing traditional land based balance exercises in the water the risk of injury is not present. If you fall on land you may incur injuries such as a hip fracture. In the water, not only are you supported with a floatation belt, you have the safety of the water if you lose your balance. If you stumble you will simply get wet. Our therapists can identify at risk patients and provide hands on assistance when needed.

Land-Based Balance Program
Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy and Balance Center has heard the calls of the community and we are rolling out our solution with our land-based balance program Freedom from Falls. Our Freedom from Falls Program entails a cutting edge and scientifically backed balance training program that is designed to target the three balance centers of your body; your eyes, ears, and feet.

With the Freedom From Falls Program you can:
• Stay home as long as you desire and age in place
• Stay out of the hospital and nursing home
• Give your friends and family peace of mind
• Restore your confidence and hope for a healthy future
• Give you a stronger body, better balance and improved endurance for everyday activities

Bad Ragaz Ring Method
Developed in Switzerland, the Bad Ragaz Method is a technique where the therapist supports the patient through a series of flowing movements and stretches designed to induce deep relaxation, Increase range of motion, increase mobility of myofascial tissues and improve muscle function. The technique is based on proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).

The patient’s extremities, neck and trunk are supported with a floatation device The “ring” portion of the name of this water therapy technique refers to the ring-shaped flotation devices used to support the client as they move across the water’s surface. During the session, the client is lying supine in waist- or shoulder-deep water.

Out of a Pandemic, a New Therapy is Created!

Outpatient on Wheels
Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy and Balance Center was conducting business from the YMCA in Port Charlotte. On March 10th the YMCA closed its doors due to the pandemic. We were left without a pool! I knew there was a need out there for therapy, what were our deconditioned and frail patients going to do? The media was reporting a prediction of several months of isolation. So I decided to open a homecare division that I called our Outpatient on Wheels Program. Within two weeks of the shutdown we had a couple of dozen patients. As you can imagine this was only a small percent of what we were used to, but it prevented me from having to shut my business down completely . We designed the program to include aquatic therapy in the home, adapted our Freedom From Falls program for the home, used our therapist’s vast experience and offered home safety training, energy conservation training and of course did ambulation and strengthening with our patients. They say something good comes out of everything. I never would have started the Outpatient on Wheels Program had this not happened. Not only did we serve the community, but I added a whole new revenue stream into my business that I had not intended on and will continue to grow. We are in phase two now, so things are getting back to normal.

Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy and Balance Center New Clinic Limited Time Special For Those Who Qualify:

One Free Session

Freedom Rehab
17162 Toledo Blade Blvd.
Port Charlotte, FL 3395
Exit 179 North port’s Toledo Blade exit and minutes from US 41

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