Eyelids are Essential in Protecting Your Eye

With Nadia A. Kazmin, MD, FACS

Eyelids are Essential in Protecting Your EyeYour eyelids play an essential role in protecting your eyes from a range of environmental factors, physical injury and bacteria. They also help spread moisture over the surface of your eyes, thereby preventing dryness and irritation.

Eyelids also keep our eyes clean. Every few seconds, whether you realize it or not, you blink. This happens so our eyelids can wipe our eyes clean using tears. Tears aren’t just for when people cry. They’re a special liquid that washes away dust, pollen or anything else that may get into our eyes.

Proper eyelid position and function are necessary to ensure continued eye health and unobstructed vision. The eyelids must open and close correctly
to spread tears to cleanse and moisten the eye.

An eyelid disorder may impair the important function of the lids. A prompt diagnosis and effective treatment are key responses to any eyelid disorder.

Entropion and Ectropion are two types of eyelid problems that can cause discomfort and irritation of the eyes. They both generally require surgical repair to avoid eye health issues and potential vision loss.

Entropion is a “turning in” of the eyelid. Typically occurring on the lower eyelid, the skin and lashes rub painfully against the cornea. The condition may cause the lid to turn in constantly or only at times when the eyes are closed tightly.

Entropion usually arises as a result of aging since the muscles around the eyes may progressively weaken. A spasm or relaxation of the muscles near the eye can cause the lid to turn inward. Other causes can include injury, congenital defect, skin infections and various inflammatory conditions. This condition usually causes redness, irritation and tearing. Surgical repair of entropion restores the eyelid back to its natural position which improves these symptoms.

Ectropion is a “turning out” of the eyelid. Typically occurring on the lower eyelid, the skin of the inner lid is exposed, either in one section of eye or across the entire lid. This prevents tears from draining from the eye correctly, resulting in irritation. Common couses of ectropion include age-related weakening of the connective tissue around the eye and sun damage.

Artificial tears can help provide temporary relief from dryness, but for full correction of ectropion, a surgical procedure in which the lid is tightened is usually necessary. Surgical repair of ectropion returns the eyelid back to its normal position.

As an ophthalmic plastic surgeon, Dr. Nadia Kazim performs a variety of both surgical and non-surgical procedures. She specializes in eyelid surgery. Dr. Kazim’s office is conveniently located at the Bonita Community Health Center in Bonita Springs. She is a member of good standing with both the Lee County Medical Society and Collier County Medical Society. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Kazim today.

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