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Many patients complain of a tired or puffy eye look that makes them appear to be weary and fatigued. Often times this is related to the upper eyelid having disproportionate or excessive skin that droops over the lid. Whether this is related to aging, sagging of the skin due to over sun exposure, or from simply being born with the “hooded” appearance, most individuals would prefer to have the eye area appear brighter, more awake and open. This procedure can also be performed on patients of Asian decent that do not naturally have a crease in their eyelid. In this case, the minimally invasive, small incision will create an indentation in the upper lid.

Taking a small amount of skin from a tiny incision in the natural eyelid crease, eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty is an easy fix for many common eye appearance complaints. It should be performed with marginal removal of the skin and fatty tissues.

The reason it’s important to take this conservative approach with the eyes is that a natural normal appearance is the key to not having an “overdone” look. On the contrary, patients should appear to be refreshed, bright-eyed and well rested. With marginal to zero scaring, the small incision is hidden
in the crease of the eye.

The fatigued appearance of the lower eyelid is most frequently related to the distended fatty tissue of the lower lid, which often times protrude with aging. Making the puffy appearance more prevalent, the fatty tissues of the cheek often droop, causing a shadow and deep crease in the under eyes circle.

Many people have had puffy under eye circles since they were children. With lower blepharoplasty cases, it’s best to remove the fatty tissue in the lower eyelid. Generally, the lower puffy lid and the grooves, or tear troughs can both be addressed with a tiny transconjunctival incision that is concealed within the lower lid.

• Excessive fatty deposits
• Bags/puffy/tear trough eyes
• Drooping upper or lower lids
• Sagging skin
• Impaired vision due to hooding
• Cosmetic enhancement of eyelid crease

The blepharoplasty of the upper and lower eyelid in combination, or individually are simple, safe procedures that are regularly performed in an outpatient surgical suite. The surgery usually takes approximately 1-2 hours. Depending on the extent of the procedure and the patients overall health.

Typically the healing time is between 3-7 days. Blepharoplasty not only corrects cosmetic concerns,
but it can actually help patients regain more normal eyesight and vision by eliminating the excessive sagging skin that folds over the iris. Both men and women can benefit from eyelid surgery, whether for improving appearance or for functionality.

Regardless of the decision for the surgery, a more youthful appearance is foreseeable.

With extensive plastic surgery expertise, John D. Verghese, M.D. has been in practice for more than
20 years. He attended Northeast Ohio University Medical School, and did his general residency at Huron Hospital at Cleveland Clinic, as well as attended the St. Louis University School of Medicine for his plastic surgery residency.

Keys Plastic Surgery, Naples newest premier destination for cosmetic surgery and dermatology, recently opened a new location in Collier County.

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