Expanding Your Horizons

Expanding Your HorizonsWhether you are interested in continuing your education to boost your career or simply want to broaden your awareness, adult education classes can prove to be a goldmine of knowledge.  Collier County Residents are all welcome to participate in various classes offered through The Adult & Community Education Office.

If you are looking to learn a new craft, sharpen your communication skills, brush up on business and finance, master  the use of social media, learn to dance, take on a foreign language, increase your fitness levels or just relax we have a class for that.  Below is a brief description of a few classes we offer.  For a full list of class offerings please visit http://www.collieradulted.com

French for Fun or Travel
Enhance your travel experience or expand your own cultural horizons with French! Enjoy hearing about French culture and cuisine, and learn to speak common phrases used for traveling, making introductions, shopping and ordering food. This class can also serve as a refresher course if you studied French years ago but are now hesitant to communicate.

Introduction to Skype
Learn the ins and outs of Skype, an online interface for audio and video calls, during this one-time introductory class. You’ll explore the interface, learn how to install the program, and create an account to make audio or video calls. Students are welcome to bring their own laptops and try it out themselves following the class.

Landscape Oil Painting
If you’re an oil painter who wants to better understand color theory, objects’ direction, scale, proportion, perspective and shading, this class is for you! Improve your skills by learning to draw still life objects in color with precision, accuracy, and detail. This fun class focuses on drawing from life and pictures. You’ll work in a relaxed atmosphere with one-on-one instruction. Depending on students’ proficiency, various subjects for painting can be explored including landscapes and animals. Students are encouraged to bring their own reference materials. The instructor will complete a demo in the beginning of every class to illustrate classical painting concepts and techniques.

Maximizing Your Nest Egg: Financial Strategies for Retirement
Today’s notion of retirement is very different from that of previous generations. Individuals are working longer, living longer, and are faced with the challenges of both caring for elderly parents and providing for the needs of adult children. In this course, you will learn professional strategies that will allow you to make smart financial decisions and identify and correct critical gaps in your current financial plan. Each session will provide you with practical tips to design your financial plan. You will learn how to assess your retirement needs, position your assets to meet those needs, and take advantage of tax savings while maximizing government benefits. Upon completion of this course, you will have the tools and detailed strategies to help you maximize your nest egg and enjoy a comfortable, secure retirement.

Natural Soap from Scratch
Discover the delight of homemade soap for yourself or to give as gifts! Using the cold process method, learn to make soap through demonstration and participation. You’ll learn how to safely make soap at home with basic ingredients available at any grocery store. Complete handouts and recipes provided.

There are three easy ways to register for classes: online, by mail or by phone. Online: go to www.collieradulted.com (Visa or MasterCard only). By mail: mail in registration using the envelope found in our catalog or download from our website (www.collieradulted.com). By phone: Call 239-377-1234. For more information, contact the Adult & Community Education Office at (239) 377-1234.


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