Expanded Cardiac Center at Physicians Regional Collier Blvd. Campus

PhysiciansRegionalA brand new fully equipped Cardiac Catheterization (Cath) Laboratory is opening at Physicians Regional Collier Blvd. this month. For those who are not familiar the Cath Lab provides emergency and elective treatments by highly trained cardiac care specialists to patients with serious heart events. This new location will allow easier and faster access to the highest standard of cardiac care, as well as more immediate and potentially lifesaving diagnosis and treatment for residents of the East Naples and Marco Island area.

The new lab will help save lives by providing faster intervention for serious heart events such as myocardial infarctions (heart attacks). A delay in restoring blood flow through an artery increases the likelihood for significant damage to the heart. By allowing physicians to open a blocked artery, without having to transport a patient to a facility located farther away from their community, damage to the heart can be minimized and heart failure may be prevented.

The Cath Lab is staffed with critical care nurses and highly trained technicians who assist during the procedures and provide care in the new unit. This new Cath Lab has sophisticated imaging and computing found in the most advanced facilities, including:

• Fluoroscopy equipment- which allows physicians to visualize the coronary arteries during the procedure.

• Advanced, highly specialized computer capabilities which allow critical care staff to measure pressure inside the chambers of the heart or lungs, allowing physicians to make diagnostic and treatment assessments.

In the event a patient needs further treatment or surgery, they can be transferred to Physicians Regional’s sister facility on Pine Ridge Road.

In addition to the Cath Lab, the newly remodeled unit at Physicians Regional’s Collier Blvd location will include a space for their cardiac rehabilitation program. You may be asking yourself what exactly is cardiac rehab and what all does it entail?

Cardiac rehab includes an individualized and personalized treatment plan, including evaluation and instruction on physical activity, nutrition, stress management and other health related areas highly recommended to patients with heart disease. The main goal for patients in cardiac rehab is to educate and assist them with lifestyle changes to prevent future events, control heart disease symptoms, stop or reverse the damage done to the heart, improve stamina and strength, improve confidence and lessen the physical and emotional effects of heart disease. Recent studies have shown that patients who complete a cardiac rehabilitation program can increase their life expectancy.

For more information on the Physicians Regional Cardiac Rehab Department at both Pine Ridge and Collier Blvd campuses or to inquire further about the program please call (239) 348- 4467 or (239) 348-4012 or visit PhysiciansRegional.com/cardiac-care for more information.


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