“Estrogen Revisited… Lifelong and Fearless”

By Donna Walters and Blane Crandall, MD –

A great disservice is being done to women regarding hormone replacement therapy. Women have not been given important information necessary to make decisions about their health care. They have not been given information about the aging process and how hormone replenishment can delay the ravages of hormone loss for decades. The big message to women in “Estrogen Revisited… Lifelong and Fearless” is that menopause has no upside, ever. Nature never wins over replacement. Women never benefit from not taking hormones.

Interestingly, men do not experience aging in the same manner as women. The chemistry just is not the same in the male and female animal. In our culture, men become distinguished as they age and women just get old. The “old lady” doesn’t only apply to outward appearance. Women can have plastic surgery, slather on age defying creams and potions, color their hair, and strip their veins, but that will be very temporary without the addition of estrogen. Inside her body she becomes old at an accelerated pace without estrogen.

Young Appearance and Youthful Spirit Attributed to Estrogen Use
Donna Walters, one of the authors of the book, attributes her young appearance and youthful spirit to long term estrogen use. At 60, she appears as young and vibrant as many 40 year olds. She often is mistaken for the mother of her grandchildren. The book provides a detailed explanation and summary of estrogen benefits and an illustration of a woman’s physical aging process, the time span involved, and the options available to her in hormone replacement therapy.

Men will also benefit from reading this book. It will help them understand the feminine process of change with and without estrogen. Men are partners in the decisions that women make in their postmenopausal years. The health and vitality that is restored in women will benefit the relationship with their mate. The decades after menopause are all too often spent in doctor’s offices and nursing homes. Replacing hormones can make it possible to travel, play sports, dance, and enjoy a healthy sexual relationship with their spouse.

Diseases That May be Preventable When Taking Estrogen
The book wholeheartedly disputes the WHI study conclusions, and includes comprehensive charts and graphs with supporting data. The charts and graphs provide the reader with facts concerning breast cancer, coronary heart disease, hip fractures, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and premature death, all preventable when a woman is taking estrogen.

“Estrogen therapy doesn’t change a woman. On the contrary: it keeps her from changing.” Dr. Robert A. Wilson “Feminine Forever” 1966.

Passionate About Hormone Replacement
Naples own, Dr. Blane Milton Crandall, is the coauthor on this book. He is passionate about the subject of hormone replacement. His purpose in participation of the book is “to stop the madness incurred by the publication of the WHI and prevent the disability and premature death of millions of women.” He has over 35 years of experience treating women and prescribing estrogen in offices, hospitals and nursing homes. Board Certified in Family Practice and Obstetrics  and Gynecology, Dr. Crandall has treated thousands of women with menopausal symptoms. None of the epidemiologists or statisticians that wrote the conclusions for the WHI ever treated a woman as a patient.

The news media scared women into believing the garbage that was printed in the media and Dr. Crandall says they are lying! Women who have never taken estrogen have just as much likelihood of developing breast cancer within one to two years as women who have taken it. The disease is just identified earlier. The great news not published in the media is that women on estrogen who do happen to get breast cancer have a 24% better chance of a complete recovery. That headline never appeared in the press and it is completely true and  substantiated  by  good research. The problem is that the WHI study does not take into account the natural history of disease. Breast cancer and heart disease do not happen in a year. Breast cancer takes 7 years before it its visible on a mammogram and heart disease is a 15 year accumulation of plaque in the arteries, the WHI study was less than 6 years for most of the participants.

The Proper Conclusion
The best mortality data available predicts that eight million women worldwide will die prematurely over the next twenty-three years as a direct result of the failure of the WHI to evaluate their data correctly. The WHI data is excellent but the interpretation is completely incorrect. The proper conclusion should be…if you give the wrong hormone, in the wrong dose, to the wrong patient over 6.8 years, little harm nor benefit occurs.

“You cannot acquire experience by making experiments. You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.” Albert Camus (1913-1960)

Read the Book!
Buy the book on Nook or get the Nook App for your iPad or computer, “Estrogen Revisited, Lifelong and Fearless” by Donna Walters and Blane Crandall, MD.


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