Essential Pain Management is as easy as “E-O”

Essential Pain ManagementAccording to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), enough pain killers were prescribed in 2010 to medicate each American adult every four hours for one month.  One of the many frightening consequences in recent years includes a tragedy in a tiny Kentucky community of fewer than 12,000 residents.  In a period of nine months a 53-year-old mother, her 35-year-old son and seven others died by overdosing on pain medications.  Not surprisingly, the CDC reported an increase of 94.8% in hospital ER admits since 2004 that were directly related to the misuse or abuse of pharmaceuticals.  For this reason, there is excitement and murmuring coming across our nation through neighborhoods on the successful use of Essential Oils, or EOs, for many afflictions that require pain management.  Those with chronic or acute pain from all types of arthritis, migraine headaches, joint injuries and muscular tension, as well as everyday nuisances from heartburn to sinus pain are finding relief through EOs.

EOs, or essential oils, are nature’s plant oils, and the practice of using them for medicinal purposes is commonly called aromatherapy.   In France, medical students are required to study aromatherapy because it is frequently prescribed by physicians.  In Germany, essential oils are available by prescription only. Japanese manufacturers often filter essential oils through factory ventilation systems to improve productivity and prevent the spread of communicable diseases such as influenza.   As the use of essential oils grows more commonplace in the United States, testimonials from Americans seeking natural remedies have given notice to the medical community that plant essences may provide a safer, faster, and less expensive method of pain relief

Medical researchers from around the world seem to have taken note by the explosion of documented clinical EO studies posted on These and other published findings support the effectiveness of essential oils for pain management and the lack of virus viability. Clinical studies are also proving to an increasingly greater extent that the same chemical properties a plant utilizes to protect itself from the environment can also play a vital role in boosting our own body’s ability to heal itself and manage pain.

Further research is coupled with historical anecdotal evidence pointing to individual essential oils that target specific body parts for successful pain management. Stanford University Scientist Flo Pauli states, “Not surprisingly, the proteins that do the same things in plants and animals have similar DNA sequences.  However, even when the proteins are very similar, when and where in the body they do their job can be very different.”   With increasingly positive findings and a wider body of knowledge behind them, essential oils are fast becoming the solution of choice for many Americans seeking rescue from the pharmaceutical push so common in Western Medicine.

It is imperative to use a genuine EO on the human body for safe and proper pain relief.  An essential oil from its indigenous region harvested at the proper time has the correct chemical structure for effectiveness.   Unfortunately, not all essential oils marketed in the United States are genuine nor are they all of equal potency.  The FDA labels essential oils as a supplement and thus, there is no authority regulating the purity of any given company marketing essential oils.

Essential oils, however, have traditional and historical anecdotal support.  Couple these testimonies with the current explosion of clinical studies testifying to their effectiveness and you now have some viable choices in natural healthcare.   Arthritic conditions have been tested with positive results for pain relief, as indicated in studies published online by  Back, knee and joint pain sufferers have found temporary to permanent relief with essential oils.  Online testimonies from people who have experienced relief with autoimmune disorders such as fibromyalgia, MS and Crohn’s disease are growing as an increasing number of those afflicted are abandoning the mainstream in search of natural alternatives.  Insomnia sufferers are sleeping better while migraine and other headache patients are finally experiencing some to complete pain relief.

Do your own research. Ask your doctor and also attend a class for more information on the proper application of essential oils.  If you are part of the medical community, have a representative come in and teach your staff how your customers are using essential oils.

For more information, please join us for one of two classes being offered locally by doTerra Essential Oils in November.  Choose from Monday, November 18, at 2pm at Perfect 10 Strength Training located at 180 9th St. South, or Saturday, November 23rd, at 10am at New EpiDerm Skin Clinic located at 80 Goodlette Road South.  If neither of these times work, feel free to schedule an appointment at your convenience, RSVP: 786-556-9105 (seating is limited) or email:  Freedom from pain is freedom to enjoy your life. EVERY DAY.


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