Energy Medicine – a road less travelled.

By Svetlana Kogan, M.D.

Energy MedicineOne of my first encounters with Energy Medicine took place on a cold December day in 2005 – I was scavenging through the aisles of the famous Anti-Aging Medical Conference in Las Vegas looking for something I was not sure what. My gaze plucked a couple of celebrities du jour in the crowd: actors George Hamilton and Susanne Sommers taking turns to receive a treatment with an interesting -looking machine. “Oh well, rich people’s toys”, I thought and walked right by that booth but grabbed a brochure. Once back in NYC, I was going through a suitcase of printed materials for vitamins, supplements, and age-defying technologies. In the industry completely unregulated but generating billions of dollars in revenue for the manufacturers, it takes a doctor’s discerning eye and knowledge set to weed the rare good things out of the large pile of nonsense. Disappointed and wistful for something fresh and promising I wish I had found for my holistic practice, I picked up a last brochure from my table.

It said: Ondamed: “A better way to make you better”. I quickly recalled the curious-looking contraption surrounded by celebs and looked up Ondamed’s website. The website talked about electromagnetic fields and human body and had a short blurb on German physicist Ralph Binder –the inventor. Intrigued by his serious credentials and a solid scientific background for the technology – I had reached out to Ondamed’s headquarters office in upstate New York and asked them to come and demonstrate the machine. I had really lucked out because they would normally never do any demonstrations others than at the trade shows and their own offices, but my practice’s high end Manhattan location was loaded with of glamour, exposure, and celebrity potential – so Ralph himself came out to my office on the Upper West Side. Ralph was a scientist not a medical practitioner so he explained the technology to me the way a physicist would – which was exactly what I was looking for.

Coincidentally, at the time, I was suffering from a bout of throat and lymph node pain and tenderness, and had already put myself through the holistic “works” as well as the conventional medical diagnostic and treatment modalities. Without any results. So, I quietly continued to suffer and go to work every day – something I am sure many of my colleagues can relate to. While demonstrating to me how Ondamed worked, Ralph took a moment to scan my body and mumbled something to the effect of: “I’m not sure what’s going on but there is a problem in your neck.” Now he had my attention. How did he know that? I did not tell him I had any health issues. Unlike the psychics, clairvoyants, and others such folk with extra sensory perception or even clever quacks trained in neuro-linguistics, Ralph was just a genuine scientist. He was pure and devoid of any way of understanding my body language or anything else. I then asked him to treat my presumed issue the way the technology called for and he did – it took him a whole lot of 8 minutes of just following the treatment protocol.

I did not feel any different and I politely thanked him for the visit and gave the standard “I will think about it” parting comment. He wrapped up his machine and left and I went back to seeing patients. About 15 minutes into my office hours, I felt a severe discomfort in my throat. Heck, this felt much worse than my original problem. I had mentally cursed Ralph and promised myself to call him, right after seeing the patients and accuse him of all the malice of the world. In the meantime, I clenched my teeth and continued to toil away at my work. The pain in my throat intensified to the point where I felt like ripping my throat out of my body – and then….suddenly – it was gone. 100% gone. Stunned and incredulous, I had finished my work day and sat down to listen to my body. I was looking for some sort of semblance of the throat and lymph node discomfort I had felt before Ralph’s visit. It was all gone. I waited for it to reappear for another 24 hours and when it didn’t I called Ralph and told him that I was buying the machine. To be continued.

Svetlana Kogan, M.D. is a Board Certified Medical Doctor with 20 years of experience. She has appeared as a health expert on FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC prime time TV, and has authored hundreds of publications for internet and print. She moved her Concierge Internal Medicine practice from Manhattan NYC to Naples, where her focus is on fusing traditional medicine with holistic approach to illness and prevention.

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