Dr. Reichbach is Honored to be a Partner with Veterans in Pain (V.I.P.)

Partner with VeteransDr. Steven Reichbach, MD is a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, President and Founder of Gulf Coast Ketamine Center and he was hand-selected by V.I.P for his outstanding work in Ketamine Therapy and his dedication to helping veterans.

About V.I.P
Veterans In Pain, V.I.P. is an IRS Certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit, facilitating OrthoBiologic and alternative solutions for Veterans suffering from chronic pain, by connecting volunteer physicians with our country’s heroes nationwide.

The first organization of its kind, V.I.P. is a Platinum-Rated GuideStar nonprofit, Certified Resource of Wounded Warrior Project, member of the International Stem Cell Society of America as well as the Interventional Orthobiologics Foundation. Treatments include but are not limited to OrthoBiologics, physical therapy, cryogenics, oxygen therapy, and more. OrthoBiologic protocols allowed lay strictly within FDA Compliance Guidelines.

Additionally, VIP partners with select bio-product companies, each having been thoroughly assessed for quality and function by V.I.P.’s Chief Science Officer prior to distribution per treatment.

It is V.I.P’s mission to not only open the door to greater pain relief opportunities for our country’s heroes, but to also offer broader diagnostic possibilities for our veterans. One of the greatest challenges faced by our veterans, is finding answers to their suffering. All too many are left without answers as the VA does not diagnose chronic pain, nor does it have medical coding for the common disorder. This leaves its well-meaning physicians prescribing opioids. leaving hundreds of thousands of veterans grasping for long term solutions on their own.

Dr. Reichbach volunteers his orthoBiologic and alternative solutions for Veterans suffering from physical and emotional chronic pain by leading V.I.P.’s Ketamine Support Division for brain and systemic health. V.I.P searches for physicians with only the highest level of expertise and those with heart-driven passion for veterans.

Dr. Recihbach’s Ketamine Support Division Information
Ketamine has been stereotyped by its various street names for years. None of which you could imagine entering your body at the expressed permission of your doctor. However, study after study has proven the positive impact and possibilities through its use in the treatment of brain and pain disorders.

The most important aspect in considering Ketamine as a truly viable and effective option in the treatment of physical and invisible chronic pain, is to define its true nature and reputation within the field of traditional Western medicine.

Ketamine as a tool for anesthesiologists, has been used for decades. Yet it has only recently been acknowledged for its intensive healing properties, when effective, in addressing the often devastating symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, systemic inflammation from toxic exposure, and other related conditions.

Ketamine is one of the World Health Organization’s essential medicines, considered safe, and utilized for pain reduction for more than 50 years. Ketamine is proven effective when administered in a controlled setting and as part of a medically recommended treatment plan. It is given in low doses by licensed medical personnel and the patient is carefully monitored to ensure safe delivery.

Dr. Reichbach has worked with Ketamine for more than two decades in general anesthesiology and became an advocate of intravenous (IV) Ketamine infusions. After observing the relief patients experienced with treatments and reviewing the growing body of research over the past decade supporting its efficiency, inspired Dr. Reichbach to utilize Ketamine as a viable and effective treatment for severe depression and neuropathic pain disorders, which in turn, are two of the most pressing issues facing our veteran population, today.

Steven Reichbach, MD
Board-Certified Anesthesiologist
President and Founder,
Gulf Coast Ketamine Center

Lolita Borges, RN
Clinical Director, Gulf Coast
Ketamine Center

Gulf Coast  Ketamine Center
2415 University Parkway, Building #3,
Suite 215, Sarasota, FL 34243
941-213-4444 | www.findpainrelief.com



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