Don’t let workout excuses keep you from reaching your goal!

We know how it is. Something clicks inside you. Your favorite jeans no longer fit the way they once did. The group photo your best friend took before you got your backside turned just so made you feel sad and embarrassed.

Time to hit the gym! Things go great for the first week. The second week. Maybe even the first month. But after awhile, working out seems to be more of a burden than a benefit. You rationalize. “I didn’t really like those jeans, anyway.” “My butt’s not THAT big.” “No more photos for me!”

At Orangetheory Fitness we just have one question for you: Do you want that strong, lean healthy body … or not? Sure you do! Next time excuses and rationalizations start to derail your fitness goals, we have the answer!

Excuse No. 1: I just don’t have the time.

Actually, you do! Sixty minutes two or three times a week is all it takes. The Orangetheory Fitness workout pushes you to make the most of your workout time. Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC, is the physiological theory behind the Orangetheory workout. During your session, you will achieve 84 percent or higher of your maximum heart rate for 12 to 20 minutes. This time in Zone 4/5 produces “afterburn,” an increased metabolic rate for 24 to 36 hours after your workout. It is like getting two hours of exercise (or more) in just one session!

Excuse No. 2: I’m working out like crazy and not achieving anything. I might as well quit.  

Feeling like you are working hard and not getting anywhere for your efforts is not unusual. Make no mistake; plateaus can be hard to beat, especially when you are following a “normal” workout routine. An Orangetheory Fitness workout is far from ordinary! We switch between treadmill, rowing and weight lifting/resistance training during each session. Your body will never have a chance to fall into a rut!

Orangetheory Fitness
Excuse No. 3: Working out is just so boring.

Exercise should be as mentally stimulating as it is physically challenging. Our Orangetheory Fitness coaches are passionate, committed and just a lot of fun to be around. Moving from block to block, watching as you and those around you achieve your target heart rates make the workout more interesting. You compete with yourself and can see real progress as you follow your numbers right there, on the screen. You will find yourself feeding off the energy of the group while giving energy back to those around you.

Excuse No. 4: I don’t feel like I belong.

At Orangetheory Fitness, there are no fancy steps to remember. No routines to memorize. No one is going to snicker if you put your left foot in when you were supposed to put your right foot out. In fact, if you can use a treadmill, complete a rowing motion and pull on resistance bands, you can do an Orangetheory session. Our workouts are designed to meet the needs of people from all walks of life and all fitness levels. No previous experience is necessary. You will never feel intimidated or self-conscious at Orangetheory! We promise.

Excuse No. 5: I don’t know what exercises I should be doing to meet my goals.

It’s common problem. You walk into the gym only to be met with equipment that looks like it came out of some medieval torture chamber. Put this pin here. Put your leg inside the pad and push your legs apart. Or is it pull them together? No you have to lower the weight slowly, don’t let it crash! All the while you feel as though everyone is staring at you.

Working out should not require a Ph.D. At Orangetheory, it doesn’t. Our motivating and personable trainers will help you achieve your goals, teach you the right way to work out to maximize your efforts, and encourage you every step of the way!

Excuse No. 6: I’m tired, I hurt and I just want to rest.

One of the reasons you’re tired is because you are not in shape. You hurt because your muscles aren’t strong enough to carry the load. An Orangetheory workout will give you more energy (remember, we ramp up your metabolism) and we will make sure you are performing the activities safely so you don’t pull, stretch, strain or injure yourself. Yes, you may be sore at first, especially if you are new to working out, but your Orangetheory trainer will help you achieve the best workout of your life.

So what do you have to lose?
Check us out. See if Orangetheory Fitness is right for you. Join us for a free workout session, no obligation, no commitment required. If you do not love Orangetheory, walk away, no hard feelings. Stop by or give us a call and discover for yourself how Orangetheory can work for you!

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