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Do You Have A Weakened or Tight Pelvic Floor?

What You Should Know

By Alejandro Miranda-Sousa, M.D. and Griselda Tarsia, RN, BSN,CMSRN

Do You Have A Weakened or Tight Pelvic Floor? The muscles of the pelvic floor are a group of muscles that support the pelvic organs. These muscles support the bladder, rectum, prostate in men, and vagina and uterus in women. As we age, our muscles tend to weaken or get too tight. Conditions that involve this chronic pelvic pain in both men and women are often caused by muscle tightness. When these muscles don’t behave appropriately, they can enter into a spasm or a cramp and this could mimic other conditions. Because of this, the organs supported by these muscles do not work properly and can cause urinary and/or fecal incontinence and sexual dysfunction in men and women along with many other symptoms.

This condition is frequently underdiagnosed and can greatly affect your quality of life. Many people suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction do not want to leave their home due to their symptoms and can have frequent unnecessary visits to the emergency room. Many of our patients even suffer in their personal relationships due to their symptoms. There are many reasons why these muscles do not work correctly including a fall, trauma, surgery or stress. Stress can cause you to unknowingly clench your pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to knots or trigger points in the muscle and cause pain or discomfort.

Fortunately, we have a minimally invasive treatment available to treat the muscles thereby improving your quality of life. You can expect to see a 70-80% or more improvement in symptoms.

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, pelvic floor therapy might be the right treatment for you:

Stress Incontinence- leaking urine with coughing, sneezing, heavy lifting, or laughing
Urge Incontinence- leaking urine when you get a strong desire to urinate
Urinary Frequency- getting the desire to urinate many times during the day
Nocturia- getting a strong desire to urinate many times at night
Frequent urinary tract infections
Fecal Incontinence- leaking of stool
Incomplete bladder emptying
Vaginal Pain
Penile Pain
Pain with intercourse

Alejandro Miranda-Sousa, MD
Dr. Miranda-Sousa is a board certified urologist. He is an author and co-author of multiple research and clinical peer-reviewed medical articles. He received Best Abstract from the

American Urological Association in 2007 and is Fellowship Trained in Urodynamics and Neurourology.

Our providers are highly-qualified, skilled experts in the area of urinary and bladder disorders, pelvic floor prolapse, prostate cancer, along with many other related disorders Dr. Miranda-Sousa and his staff are ready to answer any of your urological questions and concerns, as they treat all of their patients with the utmost of care.

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