Dis-Connection = Dis-Ease!

As I write this, the breeze is blowing through the windows in my office, the sun is shinning, the flowers are blooming and the fragrance of new beginnings is in the air. The feeling of love permeates my being as I take it all in, feeling grateful for being truly connected. Then my mind drifts and I find myself being drawn to my clients once again. I am concerned for those who are feeling like hiding from the light, who sit in the shadows of pain and disguise it with smiles to the public. Or worse those who can’t even come out because their fears and feeling of disconnect overtake them.

In Freud’s day, he could only dream of a time when science might understand the neurology of the brain. Today we are dawning new explanations for his theories, bringing teams of people together from neurologists, chemists, biologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, immunologists, quantum physicists, hypnotists all with one goal in discovering how the brain works to bring the best quality of life to people everywhere. Although we are making advances, hypnosis is still the oldest form of natural healing and while we are making progress, we still must educate on how the mind works with our understanding now so we can constantly improve the lives of those around us.

The illusion of disconnection is what brings most people to me. That feeling of being separate from their bodies, their loved ones, their dreams, their feelings, their experiences, their world. A huge fear is created in the mind as people feel they cannot control these experiences or themselves therefore often causing them to do irrational things. Things like putting toxic substances in their bodies, hurting themselves or their loved ones, and then spiraling deeper, because when the instant fear subsides, reality of what they just did creates a deeper feeling of disconnection. Where disconnection becomes the disease and that separation becomes the feeling of comfort as a means of protection and still the illusion continues it’s unhealthy pattern.

In hypnosis we would create what we call a pattern interrupt. It is an emergency at this point and necessary to go into the mind and create a new connection and healthy program. Once we create a neuro-pathway of success that the client can rely on to create a connected life real joy is experienced and preferred. Once we learn something we do not have to be conscious of the pattern to repeat it.

So as a hypnotists it is a real reward to set up a series of positive scenarios in the subconscious which will manifest in my clients as patterns of successful behavior. We are always available to help people who have not experienced how to do this.

One thing you can do to help yourself is to always remember to focus and repeat things that you want. Focus for now on feeling connected and practice using all of your senses throughout the day keeping your mind believing it is safer to be connected and you will experience joy instantly! Step out and smell the flowers.

Affirmation: I choose to connect in all I do!

Dream it, Believe it, Plan it, Achieve it!
Hugs, Kisses, Love and Positive Wishes,

Your Hypnocoach,
Amy Emme

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