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Did You Know the Pain in Your Neck Can be Alleviated with Physical Therapy?

Did You Know the Pain in Your Neck Can be Alleviated with Physical Therapy?The cervical spine is often afflicted with pain and stiffness due to multiple conditions and alignment issues. Commonly arthritis plays a significant role in cervical spine degeneration, which can lead to a limited range of motion and a great deal of pain, but there are other conditions that affect the cervical spine as well. These can include herniated discs, stenosis, facet dysfunction, trauma, and improper posture.

Did you know that physical therapy can help your spinal conditions? If you have impinged nerves, herniated or bulged discs, or other cervical conditions, physical therapists are trained musculoskeletal experts. And with just a few modifications to your spine’s stability, alignment, along with an exercise and stretching program, most conditions show marked improvement within a short period of time.

The spine is made up of wedges of vertebral bone consisting of sacral, lumbar, thoracic, and cervical vertebrae, as well as vertebral discs, ligaments, tendons, and muscles that attach to the spine. Over 30 nerves run down the entire spinal column. When any part of our spine is injured or misaligned, the surrounding muscles often contract as they tighten to try and protect the spine. This compression can cause further injuries to occur, and concerning the cervical spine, it can also cause severe headaches or even vertigo.

Stop living with your neck pain and put off any invasive procedures, because the majority of cases will improve with physical therapy.

Physical therapists are trained to improve flexibility, as well as in strengthening tactics along with body mechanics and postural re-education to get your body moving and creating a much less painful range-of-motion. With ongoing therapy, most people see remarkable outcomes and lasting results. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) also launched new guidelines recently, recommending the use of physical therapy for chronic pain over painkillers like opioids.

Although pain medications disrupt the signals to the brain and mask the discomfort temporarily, if the underlying issues are not dealt with in a more synergistic approach through Physical Therapy, the chronic pain and musculoskeletal issues will lessen, but will still linger. PT addresses the actual complications or disorders associated with pain and discomfort. PT and utilizing manual therapy are proven to be the most beneficial for long term regeneration and healing. When physical therapy is performed on a relaxed, less painful body, the overall treatment penetrates deeper into the muscles, and the joints are less inflamed. This synergistic approach is much more beneficial to the patient’s pain relief and improved condition.

Palm Coast PT
Palm Coast PT’s personalized approach is a big key to their success at creating lasting patient and physician relationships. They offer one-on-one patient care and develop treatment programs based on each individual’s needs. Their two Doctors of Physical Therapy solely provide treatment. They not only focus specifically on the patient’s treatment diagnosis but also on the body as a whole, giving patients high-quality outcomes with fewer therapy visits required. They believe in clinical excellence with a strong focus on continuing education and manual therapy. They have extensive training in manual therapy, orthopedics, vestibular (balance and dizziness) rehabilitation, and neuromuscular re-education (addressing stroke and neurological conditions), giving them a solid foundation to treat all musculoskeletal disorders with high patient satisfaction.

Palm Coast PT’s warm and friendly clinic is privately owned and operated by a physical therapist, which enables them to focus on individualized, high-quality patient care. They believe in the “patient first” mentality and focus on creating a sense of well-being for all of their patients. Palm Coast PT’s patients are like family, and they give them the very best of care!

To begin your journey to healing, contact them today at (239) 430-0123 or visit

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