Dangers in the Home

Dangers in the HomeOftentimes, living alone can prove to be dangerous for seniors. Senior citizens, like all of us, wish to stay in their home as long as possible and maintain their independence. According to an AARP survey conducted in 2011, 90% of seniors agreed. When someone is having difficulty with day to day tasks, it may seem like an easy choice to move into an assisted living facility. By doing so, seniors can live in a safe environment, maintain a social life and have their health continuously monitored. Still, looking at it from the individual’s perspective, this decision can be a very difficult and emotionally draining. However, there has been a move away from the institutional feel of traditional assisted living centers. In fact, a local senior residence, Banyan Residence Assistant Living has designed their entire facility to provide safety and assistant without losing the sense of home.

First, what are some of the hazards that an aging population might experience?

1. Stairs. Climbing stairs can become very problematic for seniors. 30% of people over the age of 65, and 50% over the age of 80 will fall down at least once in the next year (Aging Parents Authority). Many times when a senior falls down the stairs, they suffer with a hip fracture. 25% of seniors with a hip fracture will lose their life within one year.

2. Shower/Bathtub. Something as simple as getting in and out of the shower/bathtub can be a challenging task for seniors. Roughly 33% of people sixty and older have trouble doing this, even with safety equipment installed (University of Michigan Health System). Many will trip, fall, and harm themselves in the process. A study has shown that bathroom injuries treated in emergency rooms rapidly increase after the age of 65 (New York Times).

3. Throw Rugs/Carpeting. Though, only meant for a house decoration, throw rugs can become dangerous to seniors. Without the rugs being secured safely to the floor, it is easy to catch your foot on one and trip. Falling is a leading cause of unintentional injury for seniors over the age of 65. Research has shown that throw rugs and carpeting is one of the most common environmental hazards in senior’s homes. There are unsecured throw rugs in 78% of all homes. These homes will average eleven rugs that do not have nonslip backing.

While these are all hazards, being alone is the greatest danger of all. If any of these accidents were to happen, the senior would not have anyone there to help him or her. Recently, a former paramedic relayed an incident in which his crew had found a senior in her home that had been lying on the floor for three days. She had no way to contact anyone for help. Living in a residence that was staffed by trained professionals would have made all the difference. Situations like this occur more often than most of us are aware. To avoid these risks, and any concerns about safety, it may be time to consider a change in living arrangements.

Banyan Residence Assisted Living Resort was created with the principals of safety and security in mind. However, it was important to the designers to accomplish this without losing the senior’s sense of freedom and mobility. To avoid the “caged in” feeling, all of the apartments are located in a one story building. Also, beautiful gardens are scattered throughout the courtyard. Residents are free to experience the free flowing layout; while knowing that there is always assistance nearby if it is ever needed.

If you have any questions about this new approach to assisted living, please contact Banyan Residence at (941) 412-4748 to schedule a visit.

Banyan’s residents enjoy a sense of both community and independence. This home is located at 100 Base Avenue East in Venice, FL.

A Banyan Residence has the following features to do so:
• Custom Shuttle
• Monthly Newsletter
• Spa Day
• Walking Club
• Physical Therapy Room
• TV satellite service
• Movie theatre popcorn
• Family & Friends BBQ
• Tropical Garden
• Fruits & Vegetable Garden
• Walking Club
• Waterfall
• Physical fitness activities
• Salon Room
• Custom Shuttle Bus
• Koi Fish & Duck Pond
• Butterfly Garden
• Special Events: Annual Red Carpet Fashion Show

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