“Curly King” is a Master of Curls, Curly Cut

curly hairAhhh summer. It’s time for evening cocktails, family gatherings, and days spent outside soaking up the sun. Summer also calls for a change in your beauty routine, especially if you are blessed with wavy, curly, or kinky hair. As the temperature and humidity soars, so does your frizzy hair. Lucky for you, Salon Sarracino caters to curly hair clients looking for perfect curl care. Luigi Sarracino, referred to as the “Curly King” by his growing list of happy clients, knows just how to cut, treat and help you manage your curly locks.

Luigi is a certified Ouidad stylist and is expertly trained in the trademarked Carve & Slice haircut and curly hair styling techniques. The Curly King is known for his magic touch when it comes to helping clients cut, style and manage their curly hair. Salon Sarracino is located at 2700 Immokalee Rd., Suite 3 in Naples. It has the esteemed reputation as one of the best salons specializing in curly hair cut, color and care. The salon prides itself on its curl expertise and also offers a range of products from shampoos and conditioners to styling tools like combs and hair dryer diffusers. Luigi specializes in the trademarked Ouidad Carve & Slice cutting method, developed specifically to properly cut curly hair to ensure maximum health and beauty. The Ouidad products are moisturizing and gentle, designed to transform hair from the inside in order to produce beautiful, healthy curls. There are dozens of kinds of styling products, catering to every single curl type you can possibly imagine, as well as finishing creams and volumizing foams. At the salon, Luigi and the other stylists are packed with information about how to manage and love your curls. Salon Sarracino prides itself on being curl experts as all hair cut and styles and the finest of hair products.

A curly-haired client can present some tough challenges to a stylist. Her hair demands special attention and care from wash to cut to style, and to accommodate her locks, you should consider products formulated especially for her. That’s where Luigi and the Ouidad techniques and products come in. Salon Sarracino carries a wide range of Ouidad products and along with tips from an expert stylist you can achieve manageable curls that you love. Among the Ouidad products that curly haired clients rave about are:

Sun Shield Sun & Sport Leave-in Conditioner protects against sun damage with effective UV blockers, which form an invisible breathable shield to lock out the elements. Spray on prior to sun exposure and any time by the pool or beach when you want to create softer, smoother, shinier curls. Also effective against damaging environmental factors like wind, salt and chlorine, Sun Shield’s blend of special proteins and amino acids seal in moisture and nourish hair while shielding from overexposure to the drying and stiffening elements common to outdoor activity.

Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel is a “smart” gel, formulated with heat-activated wheat protein that breathes in humidity, protects the hair shaft and prevents hair from expanding. Its water-soluble formula of amino acids and vitamin A nourish and hydrate hair, leaving it soft, manageable and full of shine without any buildup. Even the most unruly curls are rendered calm, cool, and collected with style that will last and last. Also works as great protection against blow-dryer heat when a straight style is preferred. This gel actually works with the humidity in the air to prevent frizz. It’s heat-activated, so you can tell the sun to bring it!

Climate Control Frizz & Flyaway Fighter gives just the right finish to all hair. Lightweight and non-greasy, humidity-resistant actives coat the hair eliminating frizz and unruly flyaways instantly. Flash dry fruit oils – olive, avocado and grape – give hair a noticeable luster. The perfect finishing touch to stop flyaways before they start.

Balancing Rinse Essential Daily Conditioner has the ideal blend of moisturizers to leave hair silky soft, manageable, and tangle-free without ever weighing it down or making it look or feel greasy. By providing the proper protein balance to revive dry, dull or damaged hair, Balancing Rinse breathes life into your curls! Special detanglers help prevent overstretching of the hair while combing, and a blend of Wheat Proteins and vitamins helps eliminate frizz while adding softness and manageability.

Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner feeds and strengthens curls with a combination of essential amino acids, proteins, and effective moisturizers. It is the foundation for restoring and maintaining your hair’s health and beauty. Due to a curl’s tendency to lose nutrients and moisture, frequent deep conditioning is necessary to replenish the hair strength, allowing each strand to regain its internal weight and body and minimize the tendency to frizz. Used with heat, the mix of proteins and Amino Acids effectively penetrates hair to bond with the cuticle, leaving hair revived and restructured for enhanced performance. Essential for re-building over-processed or dried-out curls.

The summer sun is not only dangerous to your skin but it can also wreak havoc on your hair – causing its color to turn or fade and drying out already thirsty curls. The relentless heat leaves your makeup dripping, but nothing takes a bigger hit in the heat that your hair. If you have any type of wave at all, your hair is a humidity-induced frizz of a mess. If you have naturally curly hair, the summer is a great time to embrace your locks rather try to tame them with a straightening iron. To learn more about the Carve & Slice cut for curly hair and other Ouidad techniques and products call 239-592-9651 to schedule and appointment with the Curly King today, and step into the summer heat with your curly haired head held high full of gorgeous curls you are proud of!

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