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CT Whole Body Screening for Proactive Health Management

CT Whole Body Screening for Proactive Health ManagementPreventative medicine is very common these days as most of us try to live a fairly healthy lifestyle. We’ve become a bit more mindful of what we fuel our bodies with and what steps to take to prevent being over medicated and developing age related diseases. Through this we’ve learned to maintain our weight, exercise, eat healthful nutrient rich foods and we’ve given up most of our destructive vices.

Several years ago the newest form of preventative medicine was introduced to the general public. A simple test given via a CT scan of the body enables physicians to diagnose and provide valid information on our overall health.

Who Can Benefit from this Testing?
These CT scans have proven effective in detecting early stages of lesions, tumors, cancers, cardiac issues and other diseases. This testing is done by CT, which stands for computed tomography. It provides the radiologist with tiny slices of cross-sectional images. The images are sometimes as thin as a strand of hair and allow the physician to see diminutive details of the organs and vascular conditions. The body is usually scanned from the neck down, depending on the specifics related to each patient.

Not only is this procedure, effective for preventative medical testing, but also it is important for people with high risk factors of disease related illness. For example, a patient that smokes, or was a former smoker, can benefit immensely from both a cancer standpoint and also a cardiac screening perspective. A CT Whole Body Screening, can find issues in its earliest stages, which leads to better treatment options and more importantly better outcomes.

This proactive testing would also benefit patients that have other disease related issues like, obesity, diabetes, drug and alcohol addictions, people with a family history of disease related illnesses, or anyone with an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.

Naples Diagnostic Imaging Center
Naples Diagnostic Imaging Center (NDIC) recognizes the powerful tool that CT Whole Body Screenings play in your pre-emptive goals for your health and wellness management. That is why they are one of the first centers in the area to offer this advanced technology to their patients.

At Naples Diagnostic Imaging Center (NDIC), all of their CT technologists are board certified and trained on the highest standards for CT screenings, including low dosage radiation testing.

The Radiologists at NDIC are fellowship trained with subspecialties in Neuroradiology, Musculoskeletal, Interventional, Nuclear Medicine, and more. They provide precise, on-site, analysis and thorough readings for referring physicians. The proven success rate at NDIC is clear and can make all the difference in your diagnosis and treatment options. Not only are they experts in radiology, but with 3 locations to serve you in the Naples area, NDIC is also convenient.

NDIC Plaza
311 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 104,
Naples, FL 34102

NDIC North
1715 Medical Blvd.Naples, FL 34110

6400 Davis Blvd., Suite 101,
Naples, FL 34104

NDIC Diagnostic Services
• Mammography
• Osteoporosis screening (DEXA)
• Diagnostic Radiology
• Ultrasound
• CT
• P.E.T. (Positron Emission Tomography)
• Nuclear Medicine

To find out more about Naples Diagnostic Imaging Center, please visit their website at

For information, please call:
(239) 593-4200
For appointments, please call:
(239) 593-4222


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