COVID 19: Private Duty Home Care Has Less transmission Rates Than Facilities

Several ongoing studies are finding that higher COVID-19 risks and exposures in health care settings, such as nursing homes is most likely due to gathering and congregate areas, and the shear fact that they are a multi-bed facility that doesn’t always comply with PPE and hygiene protocols due to the numerous staff members and vendors that come and go and risk exposure to patients.

Public health officials purported, That if facilities have proper PPE, and they use it correctly, they can dramatically reduce their risk of infection. However, because these facilities are like a home setting, many residents are not properly protected. In many cases, it is difficult for the residents to where PPE 24/7. It only makes sense, since most households are obviously not requiring their family members to were face shields in the home. With respiratory issues and cognitive decline, many of these residents are simply unable to comply with these strict PPE protocols and in numerous cases, they are not enforced.

For seniors, their risk of COVID, as we all know, is much more serious and with detrimental outcomes. Statistics show there has been very little incidence of COVID infection in the private duty world especially compared to facility transmission rates. Why is this? Private Duty Home Care workers are fully protected and in turn, protect their patients. They are in the home for shorter periods of time and present much less risk to patients than residents in a nursing facility.

If you are concerned about a loved one in a senior facility, you might want to consider bringing them home and getting private duty home care to mitigate and lessen infection risk.

McKenney Home Care was started by two sisters, Michele McKenney and Patrice Magrath. After successful international careers in healthcare and business, both Michele and Patrice relocated to Naples, Florida. During the transition, they had to worry about their mother’s care while balancing the needs of their families, careers and geographic distances. They know how difficult and stressful this can be. As a result, they agreed to use their knowledge and experience to create a professional private pay Home Health Agency, designed to bring best practices in home health care to SW Florida.

Our Distinguishing Features
• Healthcare and Business Backgrounds – The owners are hands on Managing Members and together with their Director of Nursing offer healthcare and business backgrounds unapparelled in the community
• World Renown Medical Advisory Board – McKenney Home Care relies on the input of a world renowned Medical Advisory Board; the Members have long term professional relationships with the Medical Advisory Board Members and rely on them for input on sensitive cases and to bring “best practices” to the Agency
• W-2 Employees with Access to Healthcare – All McKenney Home Care caregivers are W-2 employees that are bonded and insured, they have access to Healthcare through the “Healthiest You” Program and are specifically trained by the Agency to manage individual cases
• ACHC Accreditation – We are accredited by Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). ACHC is a third-party accrediting organization that has developed the highest national standards that providers are measured against in order to illustrate their ability to effectively and efficiently deliver quality healthcare services.
• Collaborative Care – We ensure collaboration and communication between client, families and physicians
• Supervisory Visits – Senior Staff conduct regular scheduled and unscheduled supervisory visits to the home
• In House “Skills Lab” – We have an in house simulated home environment and a life like mannequin that we use to assess Caregiver’s skills and to train Caregivers on new skills. Every McKenney Caregiver is required to complete a skills assessment in the “Skills Lab.”
• Real Person On Call – We have a 24/7 on call line which is continuously staffed by one of our staff members. You will not get an answering machine or a call service when you call after hours.

McKenney Home Care, in Naples, FL hosts a Lewy Body Dementia Support Group the first Wednesday of every month. This is an ongoing support group approved by the Lewy Body Dementia Association in Atlanta and in affiliation with the Parkinson’s Association of SWFL and the Alzheimer’s Support Network.

McKenney Home Care provides exceptional in-home health services and client-centered care. With a passion for maximizing the quality of life of their clients and families, they are driven to ensure social engagement and specialty services during all stages of life.

For individuals with neurodegenerative disorders, McKenney Home Care delivers enriched specialized training for its caregivers working with Dementia Patients. In addition to specialized videos and manuals, McKenney educates the caregivers through the use of a Virtual Alzheimer’s App. This virtual reality experience helps caregivers understand the feelings and experiences of those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia.

If you or someone you know would like more information about McKenney Home Care or the LBD Support Group, please call McKenney Home Care at 239-325-2273 or visit

239-325-CARE (2273)

9655 Tamiami Trail North #201
Naples, FL 34108


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