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COVID-19 Antibody Testing Express Mobile Phlebotomy Comes to You

COVID-19 Antibody TestingResearchers have developed a precise antibody test for COVID-19. The blood test looks for specific antibodies that are fighting or fought the coronavirus, as opposed to the common cold or seasonal flu.

The COVID-19 antibody tests are under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization, meaning there might be discrepancies in the accuracy of the tests due to its limited study. However, these tests are important for two reasons; the first is to determine how infected areas are, were or could be, and the second is convalescent blood plasma can be made. If individuals show antibodies to the virus, their blood plasma might be able to be made into a viable treatment for those suffering from the virus.

COVID-19 antibodies are y-shaped proteins found in the blood that help to fight infection through immune function. If a person becomes infected with COVID-19, which is the antigen, IgM antibodies are present from the onset and try to fight the viral infection. After the body is finished fighting the virus off, IgG antibodies form. These provide ongoing protection from the same viral properties, and the body uses those IgG antibodies to ‘remember’ how to fight it off if re-exposed to the virus.

We’re all accustomed to recognizing the COVID-19 cell, as it’s reshown on news channels, magazine covers, newspapers, and online news networks across the globe. The cell has spikes (like spikes of a crown) that are actually what causes the virus to invade of healthy cell’s receptors. The spike proteins are what attaches to a person’s cells, invades through the receptors and alerts the body to create the y-shaped antibodies, so they can attach to the antigen and kill it. The Antibody Blood Test is simple and quick for the patient. The reagents used are able to detect and decipher the different types of antibodies in the blood.

The CDC’s(Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Antibody Testing Guidelines:
Serologic methods have been developed and will have important public health and clinical uses to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Serologic methods have been developed and will have important public health and clinical uses to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
• Currently, there is no identified advantage of assays whether they test for IgG, IgM and IgG, or total antibody.
• Antibodies most commonly become detectable 1-3 weeks after symptom onset, at which time evidence suggests that infectiousness likely is greatly decreased and that some degree of immunity from future infection has developed. However, additional data are needed before modifying public health recommendations based on serologic test results, including decisions on discontinuing physical distancing and using personal protective equipment.
• Serologic methods have been developed and will have important public health and clinical uses to monitor and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Benefit of choosing Express Mobile Phlebotomy Services:
• No long wait times
• We come to you (don’t have to find a ride)
• Safer – in your own environment (for people with special needs)

We often see elderly patients come in for their blood work either with a family member or by ambulance. We thought that one day she should start a mobile phlebotomy team that could go to the homes of elderly, very sick, or disabled patients, so they wouldn’t have to go the hospital or laboratory to have their blood drawn or samples collected.

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• Doctor’s Offices
• Home Health Agencies
• Concierge Physicians
• Hospice Facilities
• Independent Practice Associations (IPAs)
• Mobile Doctors
• Homebound Patients
• Nursing Homes and Skilled Care Facilities
• Private Businesses
• Private Clinics
• Research Labs

Express Mobile Phlebotomy offers safe, convenient mobile blood draws and most laboratory services in the comfort of your own home or office. There is no need to travel to a patient service center and wait in long lines. Let us come to you!

We serve all laboratories with all:
• Blood Draws
• Kit Draws
• DNA Collection
• Courier Services
• Research Laboratory Collections
• Specimen Pick Up & Delivery
• Doctor’s Order Required

Express Mobile Phlebotomy, LLC is licensed and insured and provides a convenient blood drawing service. If the patient needs a blood draw but cannot or does not want to leave their home or if the patient is stuck at work and cannot make it to the laboratory then Express Mobile Phlebotomy goes to them! We serve our southwest Florida community and we draw blood from pediatric to geriatric patients.

Our services include a certified phlebotomist who will drive to the patient’s location, the use of our own equipment, blood draw, and specimen delivery to the laboratory. We also draw blood for send out specimens or kits, which entails of drawing blood for specific testing and mailing out the specimen with a prepaid label. Express Mobile Phlebotomy offers same day services or with appointment.

To find out more visit: or to schedule an appointment, please call 239-322-6544 or email

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