COVID-19 and Vascular Health

COVID-19 and Vascular HealthAs we expected, COVID-19 is now spiking again in different areas of the country. If you have a vascular or vein condition, you may feel vulnerable and contemplate whether or not you should keep your medical appointments for fear of getting sick. Even if you are not having symptoms, you should absolutely maintain your regular checkup and follow-up visits. We are currently offering telehealth visits for many of our patients. Depending on your condition and which stage of treatment you’re in, this may be an excellent option for you.

If you are uncertain or skeptical about telehealth, our office staff can explain the process and your options in full detail. It’s important to note that we have stringent protocols in place for keeping our patients and our staff safe.

Ignoring Symptoms
If you are ignoring symptoms, such as pain in your legs or buttocks, numbness or tingling, swelling in the feet or ankles, changes in the skin, ulcers or any other signs of venous insufficiency, it’s imperative that you call the office and schedule an appointment. If you are experiencing any life-threatening conditions, call 911.

Because venous disease is progressive in nature, if you seek help early on, your chances of improving and enjoying quality of life are much better. Don’t wait until you are desperate and must go to the emergency room. Putting off your appointments or ignoring warning signs will put you at the most risk.

Preexisting Vascular Conditions and COVID-19
Studies have proven that preexisting vascular conditions can increase a patient’s risk of complications if they get COVID-19. The coronavirus is also known to intensify vascular issues indirectly. It’s critical to maintain mask-wearing, hygiene, and maintain physical distancing, but at the same time, it’s essential to see your vascular surgeon. If you catch COVID-19, please let us know immediately so that we can help with your treatment protocol. COVID-19 is now known to affect the vascular system directly and indirectly. Many patients develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT), vascular vasodilation, and hypoxemia; this is happening to younger individuals as well and those who did not have underlying vascular issues.

Again, if you have vascular disease, take extra precautions, don’t get complacent about protecting yourself, and keep up with your healthy diet, exercise, medications, and keeping any appointments you may have. With vascular disease it’s very  important to be seen on a regular schedule following any procedures to monitor your condition and to continue treatment if necessary.

Our Office Protocol
Your health and safety is our priority. All staff temperatures are taken daily, as well as our patients. We require masks to be worn by all. We do not keep patients waiting for long periods of time in the waiting area, and the chairs are situated at a safe physical distance. Our exam rooms, equipment, counters, chairs, public spaces, etc., are strategically kept disinfected throughout patient care. In our opinion, it’s one of the cleanest places you can go to. Much safer than a grocery or drug store. And we also believe it’s an essential place that should be on the top of your list if you’re experiencing symptoms of vascular disease or venous insufficiency.

We offer free virtual vein screenings online. Simply visit our website at and fill out the form including your personal information and any symptoms or abnormalities you’re experiencing. We also offer telehealth visits as a possible option for follow-up visits and consultations.

All medical professionals agree that maintaining medical appointments is far more beneficial to your overall health than avoiding them out of fear.

If you or a loved one has any of the symptoms or risk factors discussed above, it’s important to seek medical attention. Making an appointment with a vascular surgeon specializing in venous disease can be critical.

Vascular & Vein Center at Gulfcoast Surgeons
The Vascular and Vein Center at Gulfcoast Surgeons is one of the first and most respected vein clinics in Southwest Florida. Their surgeons, Dr. Abraham Sadighi, Dr. Michael Novotney, Dr. Johan Escribano, and Dr. Matthew Sanders have performed thousands of vascular and vein surgeries over the past 3 decades.

They focus on diseases of the vascular system that can range from harmless but unattractive spider veins to dangerous conditions such as peripheral artery disease. Their caring and dedicated team will help you identify problems and offer the best treatment options for you.

The Vascular and Vein Center at Gulfcoast Surgeons offer a fully equipped vascular lab and state-of-the-
art Angio suite to provide a higher level of service and care for their patients. You’ll find comfort in knowing that they have a long-standing reputation for positive surgical outcomes that allow you to get back to healthy living.

Call the Vascular & Vein Center at Gulfcoast Surgeons today at (239) 344-7061.


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