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Core Fit Wellness (Formally Core Fit by Design) Is Moving to State of the Art Facility

Core Fit Wellness

Core Fit Wellness is a true Wellness Center offers many options to feel and look younger! WE employ the best personal trainers in South Florida to tend to every type of individual. No matter if you want to lose weight, tone- up, build strength, post rehab a injury or simply move better we have you covered. We practice social distancing and follow all CDC guidelines and more for a very inviting and comfortable center.

We also specialize in Cryo-Slimming sessions with a certified Esthetician or massage therapist  that helps you freeze off unwanted belly fat! It warms the fat tissue then  prolonged cold to between 12 and 17 degrees Celsius to naturally destroy the fat cells without damage. It’s safe , non invasive alternative to other treatments that are more painful! People who are trying to achieve lasting results for fat reduction and weight loss it is recommended that you combine the cryo-slimming sessions with some personal training, having a personal training session immediately after a Cryo Slimming session will help with the process of flushing the fat cells through the lymphatic system. We will also be keeping our current location and offering many different types of group classes such as Pilates mat classes, Yoga Classes, Zumba Classes, Interval training type classes as well as group golf specific training classes and tennis specific training classes! These classes will kick off the last week of September!

We also offer pain reduction services for you knee, back, shoulder pain through Cryo-Therapy treatments. This is very popular with NBA players such as Lebron James as form treatment post game. It helps bring down the swelling and reduce the pain. We offer the chamber as well as spot therapy specific to a certain body part! We will also be offering massage therapy in our new location with two top therapists! The Cryo-Therapy and massage therapy are great post workout treatments for you pickle ball players, tennis players and yes golfers!

I believe we have a very special type of wellness center that can cater to many needs but also keep the social distancing in mind and keep everybody safe. The service providers will where gloves, masks, and wipe down every piece of equipment with sanitizing wipes! This is a much safer and more effective way of meeting you fitness needs than the big box gyms that are out there. The Spa area is totally separate from the personal training area and is on the other side of the building in 4 private treatment rooms! I would like to invite everyone to come in for a free tour of this beautiful space that is opening up on September 15th! Everyone coming in during the month of September will receive complimentary free services for each services!

Please call ahead of time 239-206-2955 to pre-register for your tour of our new locations and huge discounted packages being offered for all services.
Core Fit Wellness

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