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At Concept 10 10, you work out once a week with high intensity, totally private and with constant supervision. The following article describes what is going on in such a training session.

Ideally, every exercise should be repeated until it is impossible to continue movement in a technically correct manner, that is, until the involved muscles fail. At this point, a number of chemical processes are triggered in your body, and with a sufficient break before your next training, your body will produce improvements such as increased strength and better function.

Several factors combine to make Concept 10 10 such an effective way of training. We move very slowly during the exercises, 10 seconds each way, hence the name “Concept 10 10.” This means that your muscles work to the maximum during the entire movement and a maximum number of muscle fibers are involved. That yields much better results without any risk of injuries.

Additionally, you will be supervised and coached by a personal instructor every time you train, from beginning till end, which ensures correct execution of exercises and maximum intensity, and all equipment will be adjusted individually for you before you arrive. There will be no disturbing elements: no waiting, no on-lookers, no music or phones ringing or any other distractions.

Once a Week    
Many are surprised that one training session per week should be enough to produce optimum results. The high training intensity is the reason why once a week is not only enough, but also the best option. When your body is intensely stimulated, a number of processes are triggered, and also, your body is so strongly affected that it needs a pause of about one week before a similar intensive training session should be performed. Your body needs time for recovery after training.

However, it is quite possible to train twice a week for the first 3-4 weeks, because at this stage you are not yet strong enough to train quite as intensively as later on. Most members decide on a training schedule with one session a week right from the beginning, but it is also just fine to train twice a week for the first couple of weeks to get familiarized with everything and achieve maximum effect.

Recovery time after intensive Concept 10 10  training varies individually but is usually between 5-8 days. For instance, if you want to train every five days and feel comfortable doing so, that is just fine. Some members do not reach a very high intensity, and they can train twice a week. In general, you could say that it is better to train twice a week than once a week if you train with lower intensity, but that will never be as good as training once a week with high intensity.

Other Activities  
If you play a sport or participate in a similar activity that you enjoy, it is no problem to continue with this between Concept 10 10 training sessions, because such activities are not as intensive as Concept 10 10 training. Concept 10 10 training will improve your performance in any sports activity, because you will gain greater strength and endurance. However, if you engage in other sports activities, you should do so only because you enjoy it, and not because you feel that you need to do it for the sake of your body or physical fitness. Concept 10 10 training once a week is all you need to keep your body in good shape.

Concentration Important for Achieving Good Results
During Concept 10 10 training, it is important to carefully focus your attention on the part of body being trained and to execute each exercise slowly and correctly. Therefore, you should not talk during exercises. If your instructor gives you directions during training, you should pay attention but not reply. It also makes a tremendous difference to your results if you go quickly from one exercise to the next. It should not be more than 10-15 seconds between the end of one exercise and the beginning of the next. The overall effect on your body will be much better.

Breathing During Training
It is important not to hold your breath while performing an exercise, though that is a natural reaction when it gets harder. You should breathe through your mouth with short and shallow breaths that get faster towards the end of the exercise – a kind of hyperventilation, actually. This enables you to perform better and helps you avoid holding your breath. When you breathe through your mouth, you should relax your jaw muscles and not puff your cheeks out or such things. You should also avoid groaning or exclaiming during the execution of an exercise.

Relax the Rest of Your Body
When performing an exercise, it is important to work only with the body part being trained. The rest of your body should be completely relaxed. As it gets harder, i.e., when the working muscles are close to exhaustion, it is natural to gradually tighten the muscles of other body parts. It is important to avoid this. You should actually sit as if the rest of your body were in a trance. Avoid pulling faces, as this will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

Many people also tend to gradually perform the movement faster when the muscles approach exhaustion. It is important to avoid this and always perform the movement slowly. When your muscles reach exhaustion, the movement will simply stop. When this happens, continue to try for another few seconds, still breathing. If the weight still does not move, slowly, not quickly, return to the starting point. You have now completed the exercise and achieved maximum stimulation.

Each repetition should take about 10 seconds each way, and anything between 8-12 seconds is just fine. Don’t count to 10 in your head while performing an exercise. That would only reduce your concentration on the exercise itself. If your speed is too high or too low, your instructor will tell you.

The Ideal Temperature
Our muscles work more intensively in relatively cool surroundings. Therefore, we aim to maintain a temperature of about 68 degrees in the training room. For the same reason, you should dress lightly for training – wear a T-shirt, for instance, shorts or pants and jogging shoes or the like. Don’t wear a track suit, a jacket or any other outdoor clothing. Avoid long sleeves, sweatshirts and the like. No headwear. Because training is short and concentrated and takes place at a regulated ambient temperature, you will in fact not sweat, so there is no need to shower after training.

Sweat is actually just something that your body produces when it cannot get rid of surplus heat, and sweat does not in itself have any training effect.

Warm-Up and Stretching
It is not necessary to warm up prior to Concept 10 10 training. The training involves no explosive movements (as opposed to tennis, badminton, golf, etc.), so there is no risk of injuries to joints and tendons. On the contrary, as explained, all movements are performed very slowly. The first repetition of each exercise is a kind of warm-up of the body part in question. Likewise, stretching after training is also unnecessary. Most exercises involve some degree of stretching, and besides, it is not desirable to push oneself into positions that significantly exceed the normal mobility range, as this would only lead to loose joints with a higher risk of sprains.

Water Consumption
A can cooler is located at the entrance, and you are most welcome to grab a free mineral water when you arrive, or after the session. You can take your mineral water with you into the training area, but it is advised not to drink during training, as that would lower the intensity of your program. Although you feel dry in your mouth during training, especially due to the fast breathing technique, it is no problem to complete the program without drinking. We recommend having a little bit to drink before training and then leaving it until after training.

Guests & Children
To ensure full concentration and undisturbed surroundings, you are not allowed to bring guests to watch your training, but one adult person is allowed to wait for you in the reception area while you are training. Children must not be taken into the center, and we ask everyone to respect this, so that all members can expect good and concentrated training every time.

Mobile Phones
All mobile phones must be turned off or put on mute before you enter the door at Concept 10 10.

Jewelery, Watches, Chewing Gum
It is better to take off watches, bracelets and other jewelery before training, both to protect them and for safety reasons. It is important not to have anything in your mouth during training, especially chewing gum, as it might be dangerous if you accidentally swallow it during training.

Age Limit
Our members range from 14 to 90 years old. There is no upper age limit as long as you have reasonable mobility. Children below 14 years of age cannot become members.

In the beginning, it is quite natural to feel somewhat sore after training, but that will disappear as soon as you have gotten into the rhythm. It is completely natural and only a sign that your musculature is affected. You may also get a little sore later on, for instance, if one day you have added extra intensity during training.

What Will Happen if I Take a Break from Training?
When you have trained 5-10 times or more, you will be able to maintain the results you have achieved even if you take a break of 1-2 weeks. If you quit completely, you will over time gradually lose what you built up. For this reason, it is important to incorporate Concept 10 10 training into your lifestyle, so that you may stay in good shape and consequently enjoy reduced risk of disease, more energy and well-being, freedom from pain, greater endurance and so on.

However, you can safely go on yearly vacations without worrying about training for this time period. For these few weeks a year, your results will persist without any problems.

Free Introductory Session
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