Cocktails for Lunch??

What better way to spend your lunch taking in a cocktail of your choice?  Better yet an IV cocktail for faster, better results!

By Yollo Wellness

Cocktails for LunchSit back and relax in our leather lounge chairs while you are eating your lunch. We will hook you up with an IV to help you recover, heal, maintain and prevent.

Why Drip?
The majority of us are toxic, malnourished dehydrated — and we don’t even know it. We’re exposed to environmental toxins on a daily basis. Diets heavy in nutrient-sparse foods rob us of vital vitamins, and damaged digestive systems prevent us from properly absorbing nutrients. Busy lifestyles, stress and illness further deplete our supply, setting us up for chronic conditions and disease. Not to mention truly Furthermore, we don’t drink enough fluids, which is why dehydration is the #1 cause of aging and fatigue and a leading cause of disease.

So you think you are really healthy? Only the healthiest bodies only absorb about 50% of the vitamins and hydration taken orally through food, drink and supplements. But IV drips bypass the gut, delivering essential nutrients and fluids directly into the bloodstream for quick and easy 100% absorption at high doses that would never be tolerated orally. It’s time to detox, nourish and rehydrate our cells from the inside out that give us instant results!

・100% absorption
・High doses not tolerated orally
・Safe &Fast, lasting results
・No side effects or down time
・No preservatives or additives
・Safe for all ages
・Most take only 30-45 min
・Boosts immune system
・Restores optimal vitamin levels
・Instantly reverses dehydration, pain & fatigue
・Aids in weight loss
・Relax and de-stress
・Prevents & reverses disease
・Improves athletic performance
・Lifts mental fog
・Revitalizes skin, hair & nails

Gary Pynckel, D.O.
Grew up in Moline, Illinois, and went to Monmouth College. He worked as an environmental biologist for 2 years with Corp of Engineers, and went back to graduate school for six months. I then decided to go to Medical school.

He was accepted at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1976, where he attended four years.

Dr. Pynckel is board certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Family Practitioners. His practice includes family practice and functional medicine; chelation therapy, nutritional therapy,  bio-oxidative medicine, photoluminescence hy-drogen peroxide IV, bio-identical hormone therapy and anti-aging.

Cocktail Menu:
Pick Me Up – 20 min / $60
The classic nutrient-packed Myer’s Cocktail plus energizing taurine delivers a high dose of hydration, vitamins and B12 to revitalize mitochondria and abolish mid-day drowsiness.

HydroCure – 30 min / $50
Dehydration is the #1 cause of aging & fatigue. This drip goes beyond sports drinks, delivering high doses of fluids, electrolytes and B vitamins into the bloodstream for instant rehydration after athletic activity or too much sun.

Mood Lifter – 30 min / $95
Whether you’re battling depression or simply feeling down, this IV boosts serotonin and improves mood naturally by replenishing your cells with depression-fighting vitamins, amino acids, minerals and hydration.

Stress-Out – 30 min / $110
Chronic stress accelerates disease, drains energy and leaves you run down. This drip reverses the damage by relieving anxiety naturally and replenishing vitamins & minerals lost to the stress response.

Spa Treatment – 45 min / $145
Relax, refresh and beautify from the inside out with a complete spa treatment in liquid form. A blend of our Mood Lifter, Stress-Out & HydroCure drips, along with potent nutrients that promote healthy skin, hair, nails and teeth.

The Athlete – 45 min-1 hr / $160
Our potent signature blend plus arginine, glutamine and taurine enhances performance naturally by rehydrating cells, boosting energy, increasing protein absorption & mental focus and promoting muscle repair & growth.

The Jet Setter – 30 min / $85
For those always on the go, this quick drip reverses jet lag with targeted vitamins & amino acids that de-stress, soothe cramped muscles, lift mood, aid in restful sleep and boost immunity to counteract bacterial and viral exposure. Also great for pre-trip prevention.

The Student – 30 min / $120
With valid student id: $96
Boost your cramming session with this blend of vitamins and nutrients that boost energy and blood  flow to the brain, improve memory and brain function, reverse the damaging effects of stress and stimulate long-term brain power.

ImmunoBoost – 30 min / $165
Super charges your immune system with vital nutrients and fluids to naturally fight off infection, colds, flu and food poisoning. Best at the first sign of sickness or as prevention during holidays & flu season.

Detox Drip – 30 min / $105
Add glutathione: +$65
Packed with vitamins & antioxidants that fight free radicals, detoxify cells, boost the immune system and flush out environmental toxins, pesticides, and junk from the standard American diet. Add glutathione for a premium cleanse.

Pain Drain – 45 min-1 hr / $200
Our potent signature blend plus powerful natural pain relievers & anti-inflammatory meds nourish cells, support mitochondria and ease chronic joint & muscle pain. Instantly relieves arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, headaches & migraines.

AntiVirus – 30 min/ $185
Potent vitamins and nutrients along with antioxidants and glycyrrhizin acid naturally accelerate healing of viral infections, including hepatitis, CMV, EMV, herpes and shingles.

Surgery Support – 45 min-1 hr / $140
Boosts the immune system with essential vitamins, nutrients & antioxidants to accelerate healing time, prevent infection & prepare your body for the stress of surgery or revive it afterwards.

Heavy Metal Chelation – EDTA: 90 min-2 hrs / $150
DMPS: 60 min / $150
A potent blend of vitamins & chelators nourish cells and remove heavy metals. EDTA removes lead, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum, as well as calcium plaques from hardened blood vessels. DMPS acid quickly flushes out toxic mercury.

Cell Repair – 90 min – 2 hr / $225
Normalizes cholesterol levels & clears blocked arteries to reverse atherosclerosis, reduce symptoms of angina & increase stress tolerance for cardiac trauma patients.

Brain Repair – 90 min – 2 hr / $290
Our cell repair drip plus glutathione opens up pathways to the brain, coats cells and repairs damage to treat Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS, Autism, MS, stroke and liver disorders.

Vitamin C High Dose – 3hr/ $252
Can boost the immune system. Many people use it for an alternative or adjunct therapy for many types of cancer.

without side effects. This treatment also works well in conjunction with chemo & radiation, oftentimes reducing their side effects & improving their cancer-killing power.

H2o2 Therapy – 1hr/ $100.00
Many benefits: eliminates infection, reduces pain, parasites, detox and more.

Custom IV
Have more than one symptom? Not sure which IV is best for you? We can answer your questions or create a custom blend that targets your needs. Call us today (239) 278-3377 to schedule your cocktail!

YOLLO Wellness
3840 Colonial Blvd, Suite 2, Ft. Myers, FL 33966

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