Caring For Your Home and Loved Ones, Naturally!

By Devon Dishington

Caring For Your HomePerhaps you’ve thought about what having your home cleaned with natural products would actually be like. Maybe you’ve even bought some products at your local Home Improvement Store or Pharmacy and used them to clean your kitchen and bathroom. We’ve all read about and seen the ads about the benefits for our health and that of our family and pets. Unfortunately, for many hearing about the benefits or reading about them is about as far as it goes. We go about our days and nights really having no idea what the dangers are that lurk under our cabinets, or worse, on our cherished belongings or on (or really bad, inside) the people we love. We become used to the smells also. Just a few weeks ago my wife noticed a small discoloration on the baseboard going into our spare bathroom. She pointed it out to me and proceeded to clean it up. A couple of hours later the spots were back and she also had been smelling a musky odor. Now, this is a new home and I just could’nt believe we had a problem. To make a long story short, it was mold due to a faulty pipe under the sink. After a search, mold had very sneakily worked it’s way into areas that we typically don’t look. Using natural cleaning products to clean the problem and lowering the temp and humidity in our home brought about better physical and mental health for us, Dexter our cat and our beautiful Angelfish.

A Green Clean home brings about a positive change in your life in a number of ways, including allowing you and your spouse to spend some quality time together without one nagging the other about the poor state of cleanliness of the house. Walking into a boutique hotel room relaxes you not because they have expensive furniture and are spacious but because they have a clean, and in more and more cases a green clean, and uncluttered look. A research at Brigham Young University has revealed that a “naturally” clean smelling environment leads to more ethical treatment with the customers at a commercial establishment. Besides all these benefits, a naturally clean environment brings health by avoiding diseases and sicknesses related to no cleaning or cleaning with toxic products. With a clean home or office, you do not risk coexisting with roaches and rodents that breed diseases.

That adequately explains the importance of cleaning your place of residence or work. It has generally been seen that with family and work commitments taking up most of the precious time of an individual, it becomes extremely difficult to squeeze in “cleaning” in the schedule. Due to busy routines, cleaning gets neglected at times. It is therefore recommended to resort to the services of a professional “green” cleaning company that pays you a visit weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

The benefits of hiring such a company are immense, beginning from the fact that professional cleaners can guarantee you spotless cleaning exactly as per your desires which would not have been possible for you to do yourself.

Here are a few more benefits that hiring professional “green” cleaning services bring along:
1. Spare time.
If it were not the cleaning company, it would have been you sweating out reaching tight spots with an extended broom or running after the spiders. You can avoid such situations and instead spend that time and energy on your family by hiring a cleaning service. Having one thing less on the Sunday’s agenda i.e. house cleaning will leave you with much more time for your kids and spouse.

2. Avoid damages due to ignorance.
Professional cleaners know which product is to be used and how. As a home or office owner, you may not know the exact do’s and don’ts of using a particular cleaning product but it is not so with a cleaning company professional. You may also end up damaging your tiles or walls by using harsh products which cleaning services would knowingly avoid.

3. Extra Services.
Apart from regular cleaning services, a cleaning company may also offer you some complimentary services such as carpet cleaning. Most such cleaning companies are on a lookout for loyal customers and therefore they do not mind going the extra mile to please their customers with freebies.

4. Insurance.
When you clean your house or office yourself and your over-enthusiasm cracks open a piece of art or an antique, you have no one to blame and ask for compensation from. However, with a cleaning company you can expect to get paid in full for such a loss. Most cleaning companies are insured and have a system of paying for any breakages or damages caused by them due to the cleaning process.

5. Expertise and technical know-how.
Another benefit of hiring a cleaning service to get your home or office cleaned is that the professionals know how to treat dirt, bacteria and allergens that may be present in your area. Having regular visits of a professional cleaning company will ensure a healthy atmosphere free of allergens and other disease causing elements.

There is no denial that cleaning services are available in plenty in every state and country, however, what differentiates one from the other is the quality of work and nothing else. With the rise in popularity of green cleaning products and their usage, many companies claim to be the best green cleaners in town but it is you who has to avoid falling into a trap by going with a cleaning service that promises only, but does not deliver.

What We Believe
Clean Green Naples, Inc. believes that our customers should be treated the way we like to be treated … with respect and fairness. We also strongly believe in our products and work hard to ensure they are environmentally sound and produced in a socially responsible manner. We comply with several standards of quality and always stand by our word.

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