Cannabis & Coronavirus

Cannabis & CoronavirusCovid-19 has slowly spread its way into the lives of almost every person starting with financial distress and ending in the constant fear of carrying on with everyone’s daily routine. These strange times have called for unorthodox measures to be taken in order to flatten the curve of the spread such as work from home, telemedicine, and other contact free options of their previous counterpart. As such, the Florida Department of Health has now temporarily allowed patients to re-certify their marijuana prescriptions over the phone up until April 15th, giving them an alternative to the typical doctor office visit. The clinical side of the industry isn’t the only side taking preventative measures; dispensaries are now doing minimal contact purchases as well as ramping up the delivery sector to protect patients especially for those who are immuno-compromised.

What this entails for the future of the industry will ultimately be within the hands of the state of Florida with many hoping tele-medicine is here to stay past the April 15th deadline. Those who are bedridden or unable to go out in public collectively breathed a sigh of relief despite the temporary nature of it all. This opens up the question if telemedicine could be a permanent option in the small percentage of cases and possibly hail an increase in demand for being a card holder as it will open up a completely untapped demographic. The convenience being the obvious factor in this but meeting at some point down the middle seems crucial to those wanting to become a cardholder and are unable to be in public disregarding the current situation with the virus. Regardless, as we all go through the unknowns of this novel coronavirus, let’s continue to observe the way this industry reacts to this unfortunate scenario (from 6 feet away, of course).

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