Can Gratitude Make You Healthier?I

Gratitude Make You HealthierIt’s no secret; when we are in a good mood, we feel better. When we take time to relax, enjoy nature, and be thankful for friends, family, and the air we breathe, we are content and happy. The thing about gratitude is that we often overlook the health benefits that coincide.

It comes down to psychological principles and the way the body and brain communicate with each other. It’s even well-studied that when people are pleased with their outward appearance and internal health, they are happier and, therefore, offer more gratitude to others and themselves. So, it’s also somewhat of a catch-22. Being grateful produces healthier living, and admiring healthy living makes one more grateful.

A recent study examined whether dispositional gratitude predicts physical health among adults, and if so, whether this relationship occurs because grateful individuals lead healthier lives, either psychologically or physically. Specifically, we examined whether psychological health, healthy activities, and willingness to seek help for health concerns mediated the link between gratitude and self-reported physical health, as well as if these mediational pathways are moderated by age, in a broad sample of Swiss adults (N = 962, M(age) = 52 years, age range: 19 to 84).1

Dispositional gratitude correlated positively with self-reported physical health, and this link was mediated by psychological health, healthy activities, and willingness to seek help for health concerns. However, the indirect effects of psychological health and healthy activities were more substantial for older than younger adults. In other words, the mechanisms explaining why gratitude predicts health appear to differ across adulthood.1

Dr. Doreen DeStephano of Root Causes Holistic Health and Medicine believes that being healthy is our responsibility. Now, that doesn’t mean that you’ll never get sick or encounter a disorder or disease but living a healthy life can stave off and alleviate numerous long-term conditions.

She lives this lifestyle, and she sees remarkable results with her own patient’s lives. If you’d like to gift yourself or someone you love a jumpstart to a healthier life, contact Root Causes Holistic Health and Medicine to begin your path to a healthy, grateful life that fulfills the body, soul, and mind on multiple levels.

A great place to begin is with IV Therapy, which can boost the immune system and help with numerous conditions.

Functional medicine is integrative medicine that focuses on a complete look at a person’s lifestyle, genetics, environmental, and social factors concerning their overall health condition. A key component of functional medicine is IV therapy. This type of treatment option, administers high dose vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential nutrients to fight disease, eliminate symptoms, and alleviate associated effects.

IV Therapy Benefits
• Asthma
• Anti-aging
• Acid Reflux
• Acne
• Arthritis
• Alzheimer’s & Dementia
• Cancers
• Tumors
• Fibromyalgia
• Stroke
• Cardiovascular
• Heart disease
• Hormonal disorders
• Diabetes
• Circulatory issues
• Impaired liver function
• High Cholesterol
• Hypertension
• Chron’s Disease
• Kidney disorders
• Glaucoma
• Cataracts
• Removes heavy metals and chemicals
• And much more

Dr. DeStefano, of Root Causes Holistic Health and Medicine in Ft Myers, FL, incorporates IV & Chelation therapy with hyperbaric chamber sessions to combat multiple chronic conditions and disease states.

Doreen DeStefano, NHD, BSN, RN
Dr. Doreen DeStefano holds a doctorate in natural health, an MPA in public business, MS (ABT) in criminal psychology, and a BS in exercise physiology and nursing. She previously held an EMT certification. Dr. DeStefano has been practicing in natural health for over ten years. Her area of interest is healthy aging and prevention and resolution of chronic symptoms associated with aging. She believes that growing old should not mean breaking down.

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