Can a Chiropractor Help You Reach and Maintain Proper Weight?

Can a Chiropractor Help You Reach and Maintain Proper WeightSince obesity is on the rise and affects so many Americans, it is no surprise that alternative treatments are being researched and studied. Even when following a weight loss plan, many people have difficulty losing weight and keeping it off. Having excessive weight can pose many health threats like cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, diabetes, colon cancer, and gall bladder disease. This condition also make an individual feel insecure, embarrass and uncomfortable.

Primarily, weight gain is caused by excessive food intake and physical strain. Internal reasons like, decreased brain stimulation of the glands like hypothalamus, thyroid glands, and adrenal glands can also result to obesity.

Furthermore, stress, boredom, food or comfort issues and malnutrition can result in obesity. Malnutrition is the most common physical reason for one to indulge in overeating. By doing this, the body is getting plenty of calories, but can still be deficient in one or more nutrients. This will keep the body to feel hunger that will prompt the individual to continue eating in an attempt to gain the lacking nutrition.

Most of the people who try dieting fail because the reduction of vital nutrients causes an increase in hunger, making it hard for people wanting to lose weight to simply cut down on the amount of the food they eat. This prompted clinicians to develop a multifaceted approach to weight loss. This includes behavioral modification, nutritional guidance, and physical activity. Fortunately, Chiropractors can be a big help for those people who are considering weight loss. They offer nutritional counseling and guidance that can help patients evaluate their current lifestyle and nutritional needs.

Chiropractors offer a safe type of health care; using drug-free approaches to helping the body to heal.

They promote a lifestyle of health and wellness.  This means they also focus on helping those with a weight problem.

Chiropractors treat weight problems in a holistic manner.  They begin with a thorough exam to understand the underlying cause of a problem.  Once they have collected all necessary information and diagnostic results, they determine a treatment strategy.  They can help to develop a diet plan along with the appropriate exercises to meet the needs of the patient.  The plan developed is personalized according to each patient’s needs.

The evaluation of the individual’s needs should be the first step in order to achieve successful weight loss. In this case, Chiropractors could offer encouragement and advice. The procedures offered by Chiropractic care in the case of weight loss could include spinal manipulation, massage, and nutritional advice.

According to some studies, spinal adjustments and manipulation can be very effective in weight loss management. Flexibility is further enhanced during spinal manipulation thus taking the pressure off the spinal cord. Spinal alignment during the process, aids in the absorption of essential nutrients and distribution of oxygen. With regular manipulation and chiropractic weight loss exercise combined, the individual can gradually lose weight.

Researches also confirmed that massage can be very advantageous to the muscle building ability of the body as well as fitness levels. This increases the person’s capacity to reduce or control weight gain. Firm and toned muscles reduced the body’s excess fats in the adipose tissues.

For success at weight loss, individuals need to have the help of a holistic health practitioner.  A chiropractic doctor can help the patient learn better methods that result in a healthier lifestyle.  This approach to life can help patients live fuller and healthier lives, regardless of their genetics and surroundings.

The goal of chiropractic care is to build a stronger, more confidant you, all without surgery, recovery time, or pain.


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