BURDEN OR BLESSING? (I Vote Blessing!)

 (I Vote Blessing!)

By Dr. Rich Bimler, Ambassador of Health, Hope, and Aging (AH-HA!)

SWF Health and Wellness MagazineThink about it: One thing every one of us is doing right now is ….aging! That is one reason for celebrating God’s gift of aging, every day in every way! We live in a society that so often sees “aging” as a “Burden” instead of a “Blessing”. Consider how we often hear the phrases, “over the hill”, “geezers”, “old fogeys”, and “retired”-with an emphasis on “tired”.

The Lord, on the other hand, sees aging as a Blessing and as a gift to be celebrated! Check out the Book of Psalms, for example, to catch how the psalmist affirms the love of God for all ages as generations tell His story to other generations. An old African song says, “When an old man dies, it’s as if a library burns down”. Older adults, you and me, are great resources for people younger and older than us to read and absorb.

What is it that the Lord is asking you to do today to show others that life is worth living, at any age? Perhaps there is someone around you that feels lonely and left-out and that even the Lord has forgotten him. Is there a friend of yours who you could cheer up big time by just calling her on the phone and asking her how she is? One simple way for you and me to celebrate aging as a gift is to reach out to others who are depressed and broken down because they feel that aging is a burden.

Hey, folks, we who are blessed, let us share our blessings with those who are being buried in their own burdens! I remember an aging friend (we all are, right?) who would tell the story about the times when he would have a terrible, frustrating, and just an awful day at the office. When he would go to bed, he would simply pray, “Lord, I resign! I quit. I give up!” And as he would tell the story, he would say that if he woke up the next morning, that that must mean that the Lord hadn’t accepted his resignation!” What a great way to live! What a great way to celebrate life in the Lord!

The Arlington of Naples, a new property being developed in the Lely Resort area by Lutheran Life Communities, is such a place that sees aging as a Blessing and not a Burden. It is a place that will provide vibrant, grace-filled living across all generations to individuals and couples, as well as their friends and families who visit and support them. Check out the details of this exciting new project that will enable blessed people to be blessings to others, as we all celebrate God’s gift of aging and as we “live brightly” each day as blessings to each other!


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