The Body Mass Index Poem

By Janet Canderwood, RD

The Body Mass Index PoemHave you ever been told your body mass
index is out of range?

Perhaps it’s time to make a lifestyle change.
Instead of sitting on the couch munching on potato chips,

Go outside and do some somersaults
and flips.

You may want to take a brisk walk or go for
a long bike ride,

The first step is for you to decide.

Take action to increase activity every day
Believe me, you’ll feel better especially the
next time you weigh.

Don’t let your health go down the drain,
Make better choices by using your brain.

Eat more vegetables like peppers, broccoli
and kale,

Before you step on the bathroom scale.
Without taking any action, it’s just wishful thinking

By doing more activity and eating healthier, don’t be surprised if the guys start winking.

For 12 years our Facility has been serving the Southwest Florida Community, and strives to provide the best nursing and therapy services in the area. Life Care Center of Estero strives to continue education of its staff with the state of the art equipment to be at the cutting edge in today’s healthcare. We provide Physical, Speech and Occupational therapy, dietitian services, a physiatrist for pain management, and an onsite Physician. Our Facility has several specialization programs, including orthopedics, vestibular therapy, wound care and Lymphedema therapy. If you are in need of a rehabilitation stay, consider the family of Life Care Center of Estero.

Five Aspects of Life Care Center of Estero’s Lymphedema Therapy
• Manual Lymphatic drainage techniques
• Incorporation of gentle therapeutic exercises
• Compression bandaging
• Garment fitting
• Patient and Family education on skin care and home exercises

Janet is the Dietitian at Life Care Center of Estero and host of the weekly television program, The Dietitian on a Mission which airs Friday morning at 10am on CTN10. Visit for more information.

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