Benefits of Infusion Therapy

By Lisa Minic

Benefits of Infusion TherapyVitamins and minerals are variably absorbed from the GI tract.  The amount of absorption is dependent on gut health, food quality and underlying vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  IV therapy is essential to restoring normal balance due to the increased absorption that is 10x greater than can be consumed orally.  Hydration is essential to life.  Due to schedules and diets many individuals are deficient in hydration, which effects blood pressure, energy and overall sense of wellbeing.  The delivery of IV (intravenous) fluids rapidly and effectively restores hydration and blood volume.  Vitamin C infusions are excellent for improving immune function against viral infections.  Alpha Lipoic Acid increases energy, improves neuropathic pain and help manage blood sugar.  Glutathione improves energy and protects against cellular damage from free radicals.

Infusion therapy is safe for nearly every person. With a few exceptions like congestive heart failure or kidney failure, infusions can be helpful for a variety of conditions.

Some of the conditions that may benefit from vitamin therapy are: Migraines, Allergies, Digestive problems, Immune System Support, Chronic Fatigue, Viral Illnesses, Asthma, and Poor Wound Healing. If you are looking to boost energy, mental alertness, weight loss, or sports performance then vitamin therapy may be what you have been desperately searching for. Each drip pack or injection contains saline solution and specific vitamins and minerals to target a particular health ailment or beauty concern.
There are several benefits to IV therapy, including increased energy, cellular protection from stress, enhanced immune system to fight off viral infections, improved metabolism for energy and weight loss, healthier skin and protection against aging, immune dysfunction and even cancer.

Vitamins and minerals are imperative for good overall health. Vitamin IVs or injections ensure your body receives 100% absorption (versus a mere 20% absorption of vitamins taken orally) resulting in the maximum benefits. Vitamin therapy via IV or injection is not necessarily a new concept. Patrons line up every day in Japan at vitamin cafés and celebrities have been using vitamin therapy for years to improve energy, increase performance and even for anti-aging. Now, you too can benefit from such therapies and be a much healthier, happier you!

Whether you are looking to burn fat, boost your memory, or increase your energy you should stop by iheal for a FREE consultation to determine which vitamin solution will help you achieve optimal health.  For more information call 239-325-6499.

Dr. Matthew Everett
Dr. Matt Everett is a Board Certified Emergency Physician with 14 years of experience who transitioned into Functional Medicine after working through a difficult health issue with his wife. He learned theoretical and practical applications of functional medicine during her ordeal. He also learned what its like to be a patient in a system that doesn’t seem to understand. His wife of fourteen years, Renee, and anyone of their four children are likely to be in and out of the office. A visit to iheal is like stepping into a part of our home. We founded iheal to help patients who can not find someone to listen or look outside the box for answers. We look forward to meeting.

iheal offers an array of premixed and custom infusion therapies, including:
Relieve – A combination of vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatories to help your body iHEAL.
Fit – Metabolism enhancing vitamins with muscle bilding amino acids combined with a physiological IV Fluid to sooth aches and pains.
Trim – A low sugar infusion of fluids combined with metabolism stimulating vitamins and minerals with supporting amino acids.
Refine – Skin lightening antioxidants, metabolism boosting minerals and restorative hydration to give the body what it needs to restore it’s youthful complexion.
Vital – An abundance of needed immune supporting vitamins combined with multiple anti-oxidants are a recipe for wellness.
Revive – Our most comprehensive infusion. An electrolyte balanced infusion with prescription anti-inflammatories for an abundance of immune support.
Myers Cocktail – The original combination for balance, restoration, and wellness.

Matthew Everett, M.D.

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