Beat Back Pain Are you one of millions of Americans suffering from low-back pain? These alternative approaches may help you cope.

Beat Back Pain Are you one of millions of Americans suffering from low-back painAlthough there are a number of medical treatments available for managing chronic pain in the lower back, pain is a complex condition that can’t always be treated by a single method. An integrative approach that combines traditional pharmaceutical therapies with complementary and alternative medicine may be just what you need to alleviate your chronic back issues. Some of those approaches include:
• Manual therapies. Massage, physical therapy and chiropractic care address musculoskeletal issues, such as muscle strains, that may be contributing to back pain. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) at the National Institutes of Health, these therapies provide mild-to-moderate relief for lower-back pain.

• Movement therapies. Tai chi, yoga and other gentle, low-impact exercises improve flexibility and strengthen muscles in the lower back and core and, in turn, reduce posture problems and other issues that contribute to chronic pain. In addition, these meditative practices are thought to improve mood and pain perception, which can help you better deal with pain.

The American College of Physicians and American Pain Society recommend doctors and patients consider these complementary and alternative methods when chronic low-back pain doesn’t respond to over-the-counter medications and other self-care methods, such as heating pads, rest and supportive braces. Your doctor can help you decide which of these therapies can help you — and get you back to the activities you love.

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Back or neck pain still interfering with your life?
Brian K. Hudson, D.O., PharmD, neurosurgeon and member of the medical staff at Bayfront Health Punta Gorda, may be able to help. Dr. Hudson specializes in restoring the lives of patients suffering from back pain, neck pain or other neurological problems. Dr. Hudson understands that effective communication between doctor and patient is the first step to providing quality care. A caring and compassionate physician, he takes a comprehensive approach, providing options such as pain management and physical therapy before recommending surgery.

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