Auricular Medicine – A Needle Free Method of Diagnosing and Treating the Entire Body

By Toni Eatros, MS, Dipl Ac, AP

Auricular MedicineI have great news for those of you that want to experience the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but the thought of the needles used in acupuncture has kept you from making that appointment.  We now offer Auricular Medicine appointments as a way to diagnose and treat over 200 different diseases in the body, all without the use of needles.

Auricular Medicine, using only the ears to diagnose and treat, has a history of over 3,000 years.  There is a quote in a Huang Di classic Traditional Chinese Medicine text that says, “by inspecting the condition of the ear, one knows whether the individual has an illness or not”.

The health condition of the entire body, including the internal organs can be judged by the location, the size, the shape, and the color of the ear.  For example, the smaller the kidney, the smaller the ear and the larger the kidney the larger the ear will be.  Larger ears are considered a sign of longevity due to better kidney function.  The thicker and harder the ear, the stronger the function of the kidneys.  The thinner and softer the ear, the weaker the function of the kidneys.  A red helix (the rim around the edge of the ear) indicates a good prognosis, whereas, a yellow, black or blue helix indicates a poor prognosis.

There are several benefits to using auricular medicine to treat the body.  The first is that there are no negative side effects.  There are very few treatment methods that can make that claim. We can also choose not to use needles, herbs, vitamins, or drugs to treat the body.  Auricular medicine can be used as a stand alone diagnosis and treatment or can easily be incorporated into other TCM treatments or treatments with other medical professionals providing a synergistic healing effect.

Auricular medicine is internationally recognized as a scientific medical system that is based on embryology, anatomy, immunology, endocrinology, genetics, pathomorphology, and fluidism.

It is not a “specialist” treatment therapy, rather it diagnosis and treats the entire body, both physically and functionally.

There is a theory of embryology when discussing the ear.  The ear is regarded as an inverted projection of an

embryo.  There are 200 points on the ear used to treat the body.  The ear lobe contains points associated with the head and face.  The spine curves up the ridge on the center of the ear (antihelix) with the neck closer to the lobe and the low back toward the top of the ear.  The internal organs are located in the depressed area around the ear opening.

Another theory regarding the ear, is called the Theory of Delta Reflex.  This involves the relationship of the cerebral cortex of the brain, the corresponding ear point and the associated part of the body.  In research, it has been found that the relationship between a point on the ear and its corresponding portion of the body is like the relationship between a lock and a key.  If the correct point on the ear is chosen, the corresponding body ailment will be resolved, as if a lock was opened with a key.  Treatment using the ear is fast and long lasting.

Extensive research on Auricular Medicine has been conducted.  Treatment results are reproducible and have been used on millions of patients across the world, including presidents, prime ministers, ambassadors, and military generals.  These studies show that using ear seeds (Vaccaria seeds) on the appropriate points on the ear is an extremely effective way of treating the body and does not require the use of any needles.  This treatment method is a fantastic alternative for those people that want to benefit from Chinese medicine but do not because of fear of the needles.

Auricular Medicine is considered to be a combination practice of eastern and western medicines and is generally well accepted by our medical community.   It combines Chinese clinical practice with western scientific methods and research.  It is an unique practice consisting of diagnosis and treatment only of the ears.  Ear diagnosis has the same medical value as our western medical diagnosis that uses modern advanced instruments, but at a fraction of the cost.

Auricular medicine can treat all parts of the body.  Treatable conditions using auricular medicine include physical problems such as pain syndromes;  functional problems such as insomnia, allergies, and high blood pressure;  circulation issues such as neuropathy, vertigo and dizziness;  sensory issues;  emotional and mental problems such as anxiety and depression, and addiction issues.  With Auricular Medicine, we can provide you with an easy, low-cost, quick diagnosis and treatment.

Restore your inner balance today with Auricular Medicine.  Whatever your needs, we offer a complete range of auricular medicine diagnosis, treatment and therapy to address these concerns.  Call now, 239-260-4566, to schedule a treatment session and start feeling better immediately or schedule online at


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