Arthritis Relief Using Topical Creams & Gels

Arthritis Relief Using Topical CreamsDo you experience pain caused by arthritis? If so and you don’t want to take yet another pill, you may decide to use a cream or gel to dull the pain. When your joints are painful or your muscles ache, topical ointments, those you apply to your skin, can offer relief.

If you suffer from arthritis pain, you may benefit from using an arthritis pain relief cream or gel. Taking these products orally is not always effective and it can take a long time for any pills that you ingest to be absorbed into your blood stream. While you are waiting for those pills to take effect, you are still suffering from severe pain.

A topical arthritis pain relief cream or gel is applied directly onto the site where you are experiencing pain. It is immediately absorbed and works to numb the area where pain is being experienced, allowing you to continue your daily activities. Because the ingredients are absorbed through the skin, most topical pain medications are best used on joints that are close to the skin’s surface, such as the joints in your hands and knees.

Although there are various pain relief products available, the arthritis pain relief creams and gels seem to work immediately to soothe and dull the pain and to relieve aching. For many people who suffer the crippling effects of arthritis pain, a topical cream can bring much needed relief very quickly. Simply rubbing the compound on the effected areas and the pain nerves are numbed to allow you to feel less pain fast.

If you often suffer from crippling arthritic pain, this is one of the most effective treatments you can use to finally get relief from the pain you have been suffering from.

Creative Scripts Compounding is here to help meet the needs of arthritis patients. Specializing in pharmaceutical compounding, we can provide medications in a variety of forms including: capsule, cream, gel, injectable, suppository, and suspension. Our knowledgeable pharmacists can create the perfect mix of ingredients to provide you with the best relief from your symptoms.

Professional compounding is not just diluting existing medications, or mixing powders with bases. We must consider physical and chemical properties of each active and inactive ingredient in order to prepare an effective and safe customized medication with the desired taste, color, fragrance, viscosity, uniformity, texture, and stability. The efficacy of any compounded medication is influenced by the technique and equipment used in preparing the formulation, the purity and quality of the ingredients.

If you have any questions about special compounding needs, call 239-261-0050 to speak to a knowledgeable pharmacist. If you would like to visit us at the pharmacy, our address is 600 Goodlette Rd. N. #108 (in the Empire Plaza), Naples, FL 34102. You can also contact us at our e-mail address:

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