Anxious about exercise?

Anxious about exercise?These are times of high anxiety! We all know what anxiety is, we all have experienced it, we deal with it as best we can but for many of us it can be a debilitating condition. Anxiety is essentially a negative and weakening reaction to life situations typified by worry, self-doubt, and apprehension that often affects our health, such as panic attacks. It is estimated that in the United States approximately 7.3% of the adult population has an anxiety disorder that would normally require some form of treatment. And don’t forget about depression. Anxiety, as we know, is often associated with depression. Depression and anxiety are costly to our health care system in that our neighbors and friends who suffer with these issues annually spend 1.5 times more on health care than nondepressed individuals, and those being treated with antidepressants spend three times more on outpatient pharmacy costs than those not on drug therapy. Depression and anxiety are often considered to be in epidemic proportions in the US.

Got pills? Looking for an alternative?

Your body could be okay but your emotional health not so much because stress-related emotions, such as anxiety, can be common among relatively healthy individuals. The current interest in prevention has heightened interest in exercise as an alternative or adjunct to traditional interventions such as psychotherapy or drug therapies. Maybe the stodgy old Surgeon General of the US might have an idea? The US Surgeon General said that, “physical activity appears to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety and improve mood” and that “regular physical activity may reduce the risk of developing depression…”

Do you think exercise is only good for developing a lean body, strong muscles and a strong heart?  Physical activity has been shown to help with being emotionally and mentally fit also. While the majority of fitness research efforts focus on the physical and health benefits of exercise, there is a growing body of work demonstrating that exercise promotes wellness and mental health.  Researchers at Duke University studied people suffering from depression for 4 months and found that 60% of the participants who exercised for 30 minutes three times a week overcame their depression without using antidepressant medication. This is the same percentage rate as for those who only used medication in their treatment for depression. Another study found that short workouts of 8 minutes in length could help lower sadness, tension and anger along with improving resistance to disease in healthy people. Many people exercise to boost confidence along with reducing anxiety and stress, all of which contribute to psychological health and well being. So, exercise can be viewed as a preventative or wellness activity that may actually help prevent physical and emotional conditions.

Clinical psychologist, Eliezer Margoles, PhD., claimed that feeling joyful and the pleasure of being in one’s body is very beneficial. He urged people to “take time out, and instead of saying no to exercise say no to something else.” He also cautioned against a “punitive mindset” in which some people engage during exercise, viewing it as a task or punishment instead of a pleasure. Instead, he recommends that you view movement as an affirmation of living and a function to maintain wellness.

An affirmation of living! Anyone who remembers their childhood knows why exercise is a key to treating anxiety and depression. Do you remember being a kid? Do you remember being outside and running, playing, and moving around in the sunshine, the rain, and the “in between days”? It’s the movement, the activity, and the joy in being in our bodies that make those days of being alive so special. Don’t be one of those people who have come to believe that that those days of movement and exercise are an illusion and the days of “taking it easy” and modern pharmaceuticals is the new way.

It’s not true! Reclaim your life!

Fit Body Boot Camp specializes in Afterburn Workouts, which use a combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training to get your body to burn up to twice the fat and calories than traditional workouts burn in only half the time. They also keep your metabolism working at a higher rate for up to 32 hours after each workout.

They can modify your workout programs to fit your individual fitness goals and fitness level. Whether you’re new to working out or you’re an experienced fitness buff, their professional trainers and coaches will help modify every workout so that you’ll achieve your goals! We specifically offer Hight Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT), which is different from other gyms.

They support your success through personalized accountability to stay on track to your goals, nutrition coaching that shows you how to eat for weight loss without disrupting your lifestyle, and smart goalsetting and workout adjustments that make sure your body is continually getting stronger, leaner, healthier, and more energized!

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