Anti-aging is a Reality with Hyperbaric Oxygen

By Yollo Wellness –

No one likes to admit they are aging. Many of the anti-aging products on the market today claim they will make you look buff, look skinny, look younger, live longer and gain strength.

Would you believe that all of these benefits can be derived from a natural element that has been around since the beginning of time? The benefits of this element have been tested and proven for many years. This magical element is listed as No. 8 on the Periodic Table: Oxygen.

Oxygen, in a more concentrated form than what we breathe from the air around us, can provide multiple health benefits. With the use of Mild Hyperbaric or Gamow bags, which have been in existence since 1662 and used clinically since the 1800’s, oxygen can be delivered to us in higher concentration levels of 86-92%. Hyperbaric Oxygen is a simple matter of physics. Henry’s law states, “That the amount of a gas absorbed by a liquid is in proportion to the pressure of the gas above the liquid.” The engineers of hyperbaric chambers of all types have used this law to create an environment in which the pressure inside a chamber can be safely increased resulting in a increase of oxygen into the blood, plasma synovial and cerebral fluids. This diffusion creates an environment where more oxygen is available to penetrate into the tissues, ligaments and bones; allowing it to help overcome physiological cellular changes which cause diseases, fatigue, lack of energy, digestion issues and much more.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) uses ambient air in a portable, inflatable hyperbaric chamber to increase the atmospheric pressure. The use of ambient air instead of 100% oxygen provides many benefits because of the mixture of carbon dioxide and other natural gases we breathe. Mixing the gases increases the safety of the treatment, ensuring that  you cannot reach a point of oxygen toxicity. mHBOT has been used to treat over 50 indications which are considered to be Off-Label. There are only 13 indications  recognized by the FDA and considered to be On-Label.

HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is simple to understand. Our brain which actually only makes up 2% of our body uses 20% of our oxygen intake. On average, an individual consumes about six pounds of oxygen per day, not using physical activity. This process outweighs any other nutrient demands. Oxygen performs many roles in the body, but its primary role is in the production of energy. Many people consider food as energy, at least fats and carbohydrates. We were taught that food is our energy. This is only a half-truth. Yes, our bodies do need fats and carbohydrates, which are a form of stored energy, but they are unusable in their current form. Before cells can convert this energy into molecules of ATP, there must be oxygen present.

As men age, there are symptoms that tend to creep up with hidden signs of dysfunctions. Men usually have a simple explanation for all of their aging symptoms. Generally we blame increased fatigue on working too many hours, or the stress of our job. Lower sex drive is because the kids require too much attention. Feeling slightly depressed is most likely blamed on the weather. Hair loss – well, because my father did when he was my age. What if there was an answer that could help slow down the process of aging, stop oxidizing cells and give you back your sex drive, help you drop a few pounds, be happier longer in the day and restore you energy?

There is in an inflated circumference of 109 inches, 86% oxygen and 4.1 PSI equivalent to 11 feet below sea level (or the bottom of the swimming pool). Oxygen is pushed into the smallest capillaries allowing cells to recover and return to normalcy, unblocking dormant areas that were causing pain, swelling or injury.  In as little as 4 treatments your body will detox it’s organs. With 8-15 treatments your energy level and libido can begin to increase and level out. With 15-30 treatments all of these minor problems are alleviated and restored back to a balanced level.

With a quick look at a droplet of blood, YOLLO Wellness (You Only Live LIFE Once) can help you make better decisions about the supplements you take or should be taking. When applied with mildHBOT, quality health will be restored back to your YOUTHFUL days. Of course everyone heals at a different rate so “dives” are difficult to quantify. Come in today for a consultation and educational tour of our facility and modalities.

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