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The First Annual GUY Expo, Presented by Urology Partners, Was a Huge Hit!!!!

By Dr. Sean A. Castellucci, Urology Partners –

“The Guy Expo 2014” brought the standard health fair to new heights. The concept of pairing activities with health providers reached a segment of the community that would not be found at a typical health fair. This may well become the ‘new standard’! The ‘bar’ has been raised!!
Michael A. Kehoe, CEO
CARES Outreach Services, Inc.

Annual GUY ExpoWhat a wonderful event for the attendees as well as the vendors / businesses. This show was a huge success for our doctor and you can definitely count us in for next year. Bravo! Janet and Linda, Corrective Care Chiropractic With over 2,800 participants and 72 local practices and vendors the event was a huge hit. Guys, and gals, all got to have a bunch of fun, get some screenings done and listen to some great lectures on health topics such as: “What’s a prostate and why should I care?” by Dr. Alan Miller, “Supplements, Nutrition & Hormonal Maintenance” by Dr. Mitchell Yadven, “PSA, To Screen or Not to Screen that is the Question” by Dr. Edward Herrman, “Sex and the Heart” by Dr. Sean Castellucci, “Prostate Cancer: Myths and Truths”, by Dr. Mark Weintraub and “The Facts about Testosterone” by Dr. Austin Hill.

What was The GUY Expo, presented by
Urology Partners, you ask? Well….
On Saturday, February 1st, the GUY Expo was all about getting men healthy in our community. Urology Partners is passionate about all individuals taking control of their lives and being as healthy as they can be. We noticed that there seems to be far more venues for women to evaluate their health throughout the year, but not a lot focused on men’s health in general. Let’s face it; there just is not as much opportunity for men to participate in health fairs, medical screenings and related events.  This is typically the case, since men, as opposed to women, do not take an active role in their own health and wellness.

So how do you get more guys to do those annual screenings? It is no secret that guys, for the most part, are reluctant to go to the doctor when they feel sick, let alone healthy. Therefore, we thought, “What do guys like to attend?” Our answer: Guys like car shows, boat shows, and sports events, etc. Why not just bring all of those things into one place for one great day and, at the same time, have expert lectures about timely health issues and preventative medicine? At The GUY Expo, we decided to pair up the fun guy vendors with local medical practices from different specialties within our community.  Who knew taking care of your health could be this much fun?  After all, without your health there is no fun!

Urology Partners has been serving this area for well over 20 years and the community has been great to us. Sponsoring this event, was our way of giving of giving back. Whether you are a full time or a part time resident, you are this community and we want all Manatee and Sarasota men and women to be able to live healthier lives.  A big part of accomplishing this is early detection. It is the single most important tool we have in medicine. It means better outcomes and faster recoveries.  With simple annual screenings and preventative measures, many potential life-threatening diseases can be identified and treated at early stages before they become severe and difficult to manage. We will host the GUY expo every year right around the beginning of the year, so watch for the ads and commercials announcing the next event. If you have any suggestions for topics you would like to learn more about in lectures or screenings that you would like to see at the expo next year please contact Kara Schlick at

Urology Partners

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