Alzheimer’s Awareness

Alzheimer’s AwarenessAs life throws us curveballs, we become more accustomed to making hard decisions. This doesn’t mean they get easier, just more bearable. As we mature, we gain the wisdom to reassure ourselves that the most difficult choices are usually the right ones. Knowing someone who has Alzheimer’s disease is more common than ever. This heartbreaking ailment has placed a fork in the road to millions of people. The predicament on whether to entrust a loved one to the care of an assisted living facility can bring on many emotions, such as fear and guilt. You might be surprised to learn that making this decision can actually enhance your relationship.

It’s funny how some stereotypes can be so wrong. For example, the mind of the elderly is presumed to deteriorate with age. An outsider sees short term memory loss, trouble learning new information, or needing more time to remember past events. The perception is that it is because of aging. This is simply not true. A recent study has shown that as the years pass, we retain everything. An easy comparison is to think of our brain as a hard drive in a computer.[1]  As it gets bogged down with years of internet surfing and downloading, a computer eventually gets slower. However, the processor of the machine (or the brain), is still the same. The processing speed doesn’t change, but the amount of information it needs to sort through does. This is why it is more difficult for an older person to remember things versus a young person.

That being said, Alzheimer’s is an actual disease that does indeed shrink the brain. The reason why this disease eliminates brain cells over time is still unknown. It can be difficult coping with something that leaves so many questions unanswered. Just know that you are far from alone. There are currently five million Americans living with Alzheimer’s and it is the sixth leading cause of death in this country.[2] This illness can throw a wrench into the natural order of life. As a child, you are cared for by your parents and as you enter adulthood, you care for your own children. As you grow older still, you care for your parents. When a parent has Alzheimer’s, however, this accelerates the final stage and can put a strain on your lifestyle. Your loved one may get confused at home and even unintentionally become a danger to themselves. There is no reason to feel guilty about reaching out for help.

Facilities that specialize in caring for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s help set your mind at ease. Locally, Banyan Assisted Living is fully equipped to keep residents as independent as possible; while maintaining their safety. Banyan is one of a growing list of facilities that focus on open floorplans and outdoor living space to allow the freedom of movement in a controlled living environment. Allowing a professional to help carry the responsibility of caring for someone 24/7 is actually a blessing. It gives you the chance to focus on the relationship with your loved one without the daily struggles of caretaking.

If you would like to visit Banyan Assisted Living to see if their unique arrangement is right for you, you can contact them at (941) 412-4748. They are professional and understand more than most the daily challenges that you may be facing.

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