The Alkaline Way to Achieve An Unstoppable Immune System

By Beth Marlow, Certified Nutritional Counselor,
Holistic Life Coach & Certified Holistic Cancer Coach (PCCI), Owner of SPA USA In Ft. Myers –

With our nation’s health crisis at an all time high and chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer and obesity now afflicting hundreds of millions every year, it is time to ask a profound question, “Are we killing ourselves with what is on our plates?”

Beth Marlow has been involved in the Natural Health and Wellness Industry since 2009, when she became a Certified Nutritional Counselor, Holistic Life Coach and Professional Cancer Coach after successfully overcoming Stage 2 Breast Cancer. After careful consideration, Beth chose to have her tumor surgically removed, but instead of opting for traditional chemotherapy, Beth chose instead to apply a natural Alkaline Diet, Infra-Red & Ionic Detoxification and Holistic lifestyle changes in order to boost her Immune System… and she remains cancer-free more than FIVE years later! In fact, since overcoming breast cancer, Beth has competed and placed in the top 3 of several state-wide Fitness Competitions, which is a tangible testimony to the regenerative power of the Alkaline lifestyle she practices. As a Nutritional Health Coach at her newly expanded SPA USA in the Colonial Crossings Plaza, Beth teaches her clients how to shift to an Alkaline diet and shows them how to activate their body’s own Immune System response, so it can stimulate the healing process, as it was designed to do.

The Alkaline Lifestyle is a revolutionary, life-altering breakthrough based on the research of several 20th century chemists and health professionals who realize that chronic inflammation, disease and cancer cells THRIVE in an acidic environment. The theory that health could be maintained by keeping the body in an Alkaline state has now been in practice for several decades with a staggering success rate.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
_ quote from Hippocrates.

The Alkaline lifestyle concepts are simple: keep the body in an Alkaline state through a healthy eating plan consisting of Alkaline producing foods, engaging in regular moderate exercise, drinking alkaline water (which can be made by squeezing one whole lemon or 1/2 tsp. of baking soda into a glass of filtered water), regular Detoxification and practicing peace in your life.

It’s important to realize that most diseases are exacerbated and “fed” by sugar and processed carbohydrates, and the toxic buildup that so often goes along with such choices. Your diet is clearly one of the most important components of gaining and maintaining LONG TERM HEALTH.

Whether your aim is to optimize your current health status or regain your health due to an acute or chronic health issue, a thorough health assessment is conducted by Beth. Once your health goals have been evaluated, Beth will help you develop a plan of total wellness… and stick to it! Beth will help you approach your health challenges using a natural holistic and Alkaline treatment plan that supports the body. Beth uses a variety of Natural healing therapies including the Formostar Infra-Red Body Wrap system for targeted Detoxification and deep tissue rejuvenation, the Ion Cleanse Foot Detox which neutralizes tissues acid wastes giving you a greater sense of well-being, Red Light Collagen Therapy for skin rejuvenation, along with Alkaline dietary modifications to substantially reduce adverse health conditions.

You will have access to Alkaline grocery lists, sample recipes, weekly menu plans and specific Immune support supplements that will target your specific health issues and turbo charge your Immune System into high gear and keep it there for years to come. It’s time to invest in your future… by investing in your health!

Top 10 Overly ACIDIC Body Symptoms:
1. Lack of energy, constant fatigue
2. Weight gain
3. Allergies
4 . Brain “fog”
5. Yeast Infections
6. Sugar cravings
7. Tendency to get infections, colds & flu .
8. Loss of drive and enthusiasm, depressive
9. Chronic Inflammation
10. Inflamed, sensitive gums or mouth ulcers

Top 10 ALKALINE Body Benefits:
1. Increased Energy & Vitality
2. Healthy Weight Loss
3. Mental Clarity
4. Improved Immune Function
5. Improved digestive function
6. Loss of simple carbohydrate cravings
7. Reduction of infections, colds & flu.
8. Detoxification
9. Reduction or disappearance of Inflammation & joint pain
10. Clearer Skin

**The World Health Organization (WHO) say the current global rate of 14 million new cancer cases annually, per 2012 data, will balloon to 25 million new cancer cases annually by 2030.


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