ALCATOnce your PRP treatment is completed, rejuvenation and regeneration is taking place. Cells are being accelerated by HBOT and it is time to learn what free radicals that cause aging. The YOLLO Wellness team encourages natural wellness by helping restore the whole body. This can only be achieved when the root cause of an issue is addressed, not just the symptoms. Using PRP for rejuvenation and promoting healing with oxygen therapy is a good start to achieving better health. If you are truly seeking total wellness, you must consider how your body responds to what is put in it. It is well documented that the foods you eat can be sabotaging your health. Even though you live a seemingly healthy lifestyle and appear healthy on the outside, you may be unintentionally creating problems within your body preventing it from functioning optimally. Consider the fact that foods presumed to be healthy can be creating havoc inside your body. The ALCAT test identifies foods and other triggers that can cause inflammation and negative responses within the body that aren’t always physically noticeable. By following your ALCAT food plan you will eliminate inflammatory agents, reduce your pain level and achieve a youthful healthy glow.  Start  today – the You Only Live LIFE Once team is ready to help! Rejuvenate, Regenerate, Oxygenate. Call YOLLO Wellness today!


Beat the Pain and Fatigue with YOLLO Therapy Plan  $3000 ( 60% savings!)
. Full Body Digital Infrared
Thermographic Image

. Platinum ALCAT Antigen Leukocyte
Cellular Antibody Test for Pain,
Inflammation and Digestion

. Unlimited Consultation with
Certified Nutritionist

. 2 Live Cell Blood Analysis

. 2 Dry Cell Blood Analysis

. Consultation with Naturopathy

. $200.00 in supplements

. 30 mild hyperbaric oxygen treatments

. Book on how Foods cause free radicals, aging, diseases

. DVD on how foods will help heal your pain and inflammation

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