After Your Procedure

Are you contemplating or scheduling an outpatient surgery, treatment or procedure that may require non-medical care upon your re-lease?

Do your post-operative instructions indicate someone should be with you afterwards?
Just because you are out of surgery doesn’t mean the process is over. Depending on the procedure you underwent or may undergo, it can take a few days before you are up and about, feeling like yourself again and able to resume your normal routine.

Regardless of what procedure lies ahead (or you have had done), the time after surgery must be dedicated to rest and recuperation.

Everyone can use a helping hand every now and then, and it is all right to ask for it. In fact, knowing when to ask for help is important. It is a way to reduce stress, avoid straining yourself and safeguard the success of your recovery or rehabilitation following an illness, injury or surgery ~ helping you to focus on the healing process instead of the day-to-day tasks at home. We know balancing these can be difficult.

You may be a new mom just home from the hospital needing a little help to allow you to concentrate on your new addition. Or perhaps you just had a hip replacement and need help running errands while you heal.

Our in-home caregivers will prepare your meals, perform light housekeeping duties, do laundry, run errands, drop off and pick up prescriptions, go grocery shopping, and provide for your comfort and well-being during your convalescence.

If transportation is required, we will pick you up and take you to your scheduled appointment, and we will be there to bring you home once the procedure is complete.

We’re here to help so you can concentrate on recovering.
PRIVATE CARE AT HOME understands the importance of rest and recovery in the privacy of your own home. Our compassionate caregivers are available to stay with you for as long as you need. We will not leave you alone, ensuring you are able to relax and heal in the privacy of your own home or a facility, if the need be.

Why pay for expensive nursing staff when all you may really need is someone to be there with you, to monitor and be aware of any change in your condition that may alert and indicate the need for further medical assistance.

PRIVATE CARE AT HOME will be there to assist you when your return home. Please contact us at 239-440-3119 for your after procedure care. We offer flexible and reasonable rates, and can arrange for a caregiver to be with you for up to a 24-hour period after your procedure, or longer if needed.

Benefits of in-home after care
-Reduce stress
-Avoid straining yourself
-Safeguard the success of your recovery
-Recover in the privacy of your own home

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