Achieving Results Where Others Have Failed: Are You Tired of Living in Pain?

Dr. Bryan Hunte, D.C. – Advanced Spineworks

Advanced SpineworksDr. Bryan Hunte and his team at Advanced Spineworks mission is to help you avoid surgery, get pain relief, heal naturally, and emerge stronger than ever!

Similar to physical therapy, chiropractic care delivers powerful pain relief and restored function, movement and balance, but it focuses on spinal manipulation, also without drugs or surgery. By properly aligning your body’s musculoskeletal structure, chiropractic treatment can enable your body to heal itself. Along with chiropractic care, Dr. Bryan Hunte’s practice invest in groundbreaking devices and techniques that have helped numerous patients find relief from their chronic pain, inflammation and many other conditions.

Advanced Spineworks
Advanced Spineworks provides a multidisciplinary approach using chiropractic and physical rehabilitation makes us your one-stop source for effective pain relief, rehabilitation and results.

Advanced Spineworks provides optimal outcomes:
• A rapid return to normal activities
• Custom exercise routines for faster pain relief and recovery
• Restoration of flexibility & strength
• Improved fitness levels
• A conservative approach to many musculoskeletal conditions
• The ability to prevent future episodes
• Education about injury prevention
• An outside referral to a caring network of doctor’s if needed

Dr. Bryan Hunte’s Mission is to Help Patients Get Back to Living the Highest Quality of Life

At Advanced Spineworks Dr. Hunte is in the business of breaking the pain cycle and avoiding future surgery. Because of his ongoing research and unique approach he’s often able to succeed where others have failed.

Dr. Hunte elaborates on his approach to advanced care, “What makes our facility unique is that we take a highly scientific approach to rehabilitation. We don’t just stop at relieving pain. We also focus on the corrective phase of care using equipment that cannot be matched by traditional approaches.”

“When the musculature is injured, the corrective phase of care is what restores the area and provides pain relief. I highly recommended it, even post surgically. Our equipment has a unique way of restoring this support even in the most severe of cases. It’s rewarding to see the patient find pain relief and able to enjoy life again. Two of these advanced corrective devices, include the MCU machine and the Eccentron™.

Advanced Spineworks offers patients the Multi-Cervical Unit (MCU), and it’s the most effective and innovative system for pain relief. A system for the assessment of the weakness which becomes the rehabilitative solution for patients suffering from neck injury, whiplash, and general cervical spine disorders. Its advanced technology helps us perform objective evaluations and standardized treatment.

The MCU provides many benefits including:
• Decreased neck pain
• Improved daily function
• Improved range of motion
• Lasting results
• Improved neck strength
• Less headaches or vertigo

Advanced Spineworks brings cutting edge technology from BTE, a company that has brought state-of-the-art technology into clinics worldwide, such as the Eccentron™. Dr. Bryan Hunte has incorporated this cutting edge equipment into the practice for all his patients ranging from the athlete trying to perform to the elderly patient trying to avoid surgery. The Eccentron™ takes advantage of the way the body truly builds strength; through focusing on the negative.

What are the benefits of using the Eccentron?
• Improved balance – Safely increases strength and stability for improved balance, mobility, and decreased fall risk
• Cardiopulmonary – Provides measurable strengthening for those with low cardiac output
• Easy on the body – Allows you to make major improvements without high impact exercises
• Specificity – Elderly and Extreme Athletes can all strengthened on the same equipment
• General rehab – Controlled treatment and single leg tracking
• Enhances overall athletic performance –  strength, power, reaction, and agility
• Builds muscles for long-endurance – builds fast twitch muscles used in powerful burst movements, and boosts spring quality with high load, high repetition eccentric training

Advanced Spineworks
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